Why Honoring Our Emotions is Crucial to Happily Living

Why Honoring Our Emotions is Crucial to Happily Living

Why Honoring Our Emotions is Crucial to Happily Living

“To say you love something means something, not everything. To say you love something means a little more than that. It implies a certain amount of feeling and warmth. But if the rest of the world understands us to be emotion scientists, they will give us at least as much opportunity to love as what we want to do in life.” – Dr. Theodore Monreal

We’ve been taught from the time we’re young that emotions are good. If your personality is characterized by emotional displays, you’re deemed interesting. And if you want to travel to far-off places, you’re a visionary.

There’s even some basis in fact: According to Psychology Today, millions of us are, in fact, psychopaths who are comfortable being someone we aren’t.

Yet, it’s a crime to be unable to have emotion, or to set aside all connections with our emotions. As any good science teacher will say, however, emotions often predict how you behave, and how you do things.

This fact needs to be drilled into every single one of us, as we begin to pursue the lives we wish for ourselves.

Emotions have a way of revealing your true nature – helping to define yourself.

This need is made more difficult, when our emotions are suppressed as a result of things like poor parenting, environmental factors, shame and negative self-talk. In the latter group, it’s easier to see why we need to cultivate respect for ourselves and our emotions – and find help for it.

And this is where love – and loving your emotions – comes in.

Why love people?

This is probably something we’ve all thought – that, if you love people, then you’ll also love things. This is not so!

Everything contains chemicals that make you react in a certain way – with love, hatred, happiness, anger, lust, etc. For example, love makes you feel warm, and emotion affects how you relate with the world.

So, by the end of the day, you might find that you’re much more generous with what you have, and you have more of it to share with those in need.

Love also makes you look at life in a new way. It makes you see it for what it really is, and therefore make things differently from how they are expected to be.

Why not embrace emotion instead of holding it back?

Start to trust the connection between what you feel and what you do. Let go of your fearful past and maybe think about the amazing person you are already becoming.

And learn to talk more openly about your feelings with those close to you. Love is a two-way street!

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