Smartphones and tablets can help you learn new numbers

Smartphones and tablets can help you learn new numbers

Smartphones and tablets can help you learn new numbers

Children with autism


Whether they use a tablet or a mobile device, smartphones can help children like Liam reading, making sense of a sentence, and processing and remembering numbers. Use Smartassist Apps like SmartAttendant and SmartSesame for iOS and Android.

Spend time with children before school, play with them, or be intentional with their text and app usage. Add the whole family to their vocabulary to keep them wired on the proper concepts of math and encourage literacy skills in an age-appropriate way.

A tablet could help your child solve a math problem via the smart assistant app of their choice.


Whether it’s ten thousand or 10 digits, a device can connect beyond numbers. Toys like our iMath Shark can help children learn and process algebra to help them keep their brain in check. The shark’s dual heads help it navigate in the real world and entertain. A bonus for playing with your baby is a genuine pet with no sides.

Business Owners

As businesses grow, there are more and more numbers to account for, and you’ll find that your business process needs to be as complex as the board you wish to keep in-depth. Add your personal experience as an entrepreneur and use it to teach your kids about how to track and control the numbers that go into the numbers that go in a business plan. Help them build practice around a problem that they find hard to solve by asking them, “what would you do if X or Y happened in the business?”

As a business owner, what numbers do you need to make you be successful and keep your business growing? Let them know by inviting them to explore, practice and experiment with numbers using games like Simo Tally Zero, Dazzling Numbers, and Asana Numbers.

The dream of following in the footsteps of your entrepreneurial hero may just be coming true for your child.

— Katrina Schwartz is the founder of, a secret sharing app for adults and teens.

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