Recipetips for Parents and Students if Trump Impeachment Imminent

Recipetips for Parents and Students if Trump Impeachment Imminent

Recipetips for Parents and Students if Trump Impeachment Imminent

Feeling your federal education funds being withheld by President Trump? It’s not likely something that will keep you up nights. But if you’re a parent hoping that your school will not be forced to dip into its funding for many of its operations or programs, then things might be a little different. It’s a scenario some schools might find surprising. It’s a scenario that’s happening now. However, thanks to the Trump Impeachment Inquiry, we finally have some useful tips to help navigate its uncharted waters.

Watch a video clip to learn more about the situation with the Obama Impeachment Inquiry.

Is Trump Impeachment Imminent?

The Trump Impeachment Inquiry involves many of the same concerns as the Obama Impeachment Inquiry of 2009. Specifically, we’re concerned about the “president’s continued refusal to meet with Congress on his many promised budget cuts to core Department of Education programs.”

“Without the necessary funds, these core programs, such as the new ones to support robust English language learners in the District, the need to rebuild our crumbling schools, and the 21st Century competency diploma requirement, would fall even more under the thumb of the Secretary of Education,” reads the report.

Source: CNN

In particular, the 2020 budget would slash the TEACH grants for the elementary school Title 1 funds, which funds programs for low-income schools. These grants could be a big cut to schools and school districts across the nation.

Source: NPR

Read more about all of this in the document.

The Trump Threat to Boost College Tuition

Students are also concerned about an increase in college tuition. Since Trump and his administration have promised to make public colleges more affordable, their plan has sent a rattle across college campuses across the nation. Interestingly, it’s actually in opposition to what was promised by Obama.

Source: CNN

Finally, the investigation is bringing to light another issue around education that will worry parents and college students: Trump’s relentless travel to visit colleges, of which a lot of them are actually for-profit or “finance-a-new-Trump-college” schools. That’s a confusing scenario.

Read more about this in the document.

Educators are sounding the alarm that Trump’s potential impeachment is getting them all in an uproar. Publicly, Trump and Republicans have been unfazed. As those “institutions” known as colleges and universities are sending out their own fundraising appeals, others are still unaware of the situation.

Source: CNN

Here are some of the updates from school administrators:

Here are some things the Department of Education is doing to help schools:

Source: Department of Education

In summary, there are many questions, concerns, and uncertainties about what’s happening to education and how all of this might affect parents and students. While we do appreciate the background information and information put out by the Department of Education, there’s much more that’s being kept from us. Only time will tell.

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