In The Know: How To Assess Your Gifted Child

In The Know: How To Assess Your Gifted Child

In The Know: How To Assess Your Gifted Child

Gifted students are those that exhibit an unusual reading and/or math ability in the early part of their academic career. If your student falls into this category, he/she may be listed on the gifted list in most public schools, and noted by the U.S. Department of Education, which classifies them as part of the “high-potential students with gifted abilities”.

Many students are unaware that many public schools fail to educate them properly on how to identify and respond to these hidden talents, and others have even been placed in gifted programs before they have demonstrated true ability.

Unfortunately, the only way to boost up your child’s smarts is to prepare him or her for the score on a standardized test. This test is known as the AP test, or Advanced Placement test, in order to make sure that if a student does qualify, they will earn an A. You’re likely to get that A if you see your child understand what to do on every test given to him/her, or you prepare him/her for these tests so you can recognize if your child is gifted.

How to Recognize Your Child as Gifted

As many teachers have learned in the classroom, a high IQ is not the only factor that makes your child a great student. Overall ability, motivation, creativity, work ethic, and creativity are also important. Your child’s ability to excel in school in these areas will drastically increase if you help him/her get on board.

Although I am a Gifted program teacher, I advise those of you who have not worked as a teacher in a high school, or as a teacher, that we first identify all the qualities that our child possesses. Then, how a student can work together with others to reach a common goal will really show off his/her capabilities. If your child is able to work through problems with team members, and accept challenge, and not give up as they do in a classroom, their creativity will shine.

How To Prepare Your Child for A Test

In order to prepare your child for a test, you first need to do some serious research and learn the symptoms of your child’s giftedness, as well as how to take a test that is administered by the federal government. There are a number of programs available to make sure your child is exposed to early opportunities.

Spend some time reviewing the list of programs in your area, and then make sure you sign your child up for one of these programs. Some of the more well-known programs include:

Academy of Achievement

Academy of Knowledge

KIPP Accelerated

American Board Talent Identification Program

Opportunity Scholars

Read about these programs that have an international presence and its benefits so you know how to make your child successful. Don’t stress about the cost if your child is not in the right grades to apply for a test, as the money to start these programs will not only help your child, but also provide others with a chance to identify the same talent in their own children.

Interview Your Child

Sometimes, there is a tendency to say and do a few things that indicate that you have no idea how gifted your child may be. This is not true. Most teachers will recognize your child’s real talent if they give your child the time to work on multiple projects. Expose your child to a bit of school and then make sure he/she makes a good GPA to get into the programs listed above.

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