How To Read Books With Your Child

How To Read Books With Your Child

How To Read Books With Your Child

Thanksgiving is a time to sit down with your loved ones and enjoy their company. The last thing you should want to do is get anything done, so instead, you choose to spend your time reading books together. Unfortunately, these are probably the least welcoming things in the world. A new study shows that most people tend to struggle with this challenge—only two out of five people read with their child.

Instead of trying to resist reading to children in front of other people (yikes!), try these tactics to make reading a daily habit:

Read It With Your Kid

Throughout the year, put a book on your desk or your child’s desk—this will help your child practice reading quietly at home. Although a child’s total reading comprehension level will vary over time, a first-grader should be able to get through one or two pages of reading before an adult can intervene. A book in front of the child can offer structure and ensure it remains a pleasurable activity.

Create A Favorite Reading Space

If you live in a cramped space, there’s nothing better than getting away to a quieter place. (Turn on the iPad or use headphones, if necessary.) If your home has no outdoor space or no room for a bookcase, fill up a huge nook, corner, or even a corner of the living room. Select a space that represents a time when you and your child could have relaxed and read together.

Invite Your Kids Into A Reading Club

Sign up with your child for a family reading group. This is a great way to bond as a family, share books, and help foster your child’s love of reading. In a local community or volunteer program, offer a few books for each child’s collection. If you have a classroom or more children, use Grade-Level Readiness packets from the state education department to help identify what books will work best for each child. When you help your child develop an appreciation for reading, she’ll be more likely to participate in other activities with you.

Make Reading An Unmistakable Part Of The Day

The best parents take the time to actively engage their children in their daily activities. By planting reading in the daily routine, a parent can be the inspiration for an ongoing love of reading. Let your child’s friends know the importance of reading, and encourage them to read with them. The great thing about having a day full of reading is that you can structure it as needed.

Remember, children are happier, more creative, and more engaged when they read together. To encourage your child’s love of reading, find a time when he or she can spend a few minutes either alone with the book or with their parent. Look for the most flexible reading sessions to provide your child with the practice she needs to improve his or her reading skills. Reading will provide their with an enriched environment, and will empower them to learn and develop meaningful friendships. When kids start to read together, they’ll stay hooked throughout their lives.

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