Talking to your child about vaping

Talking to your child about vaping

Talking to your child about vaping

The latest trend of vaping is pretty concerning for many parents that are affected by this new generation of teens. Vaping machines are highly addictive and it is expected that thousands of teenagers will fall into this lifestyle. Teens learn to vape from friends and within 24 hours they are giving their first vape, which can quickly make them addicted.

Talking to your children about vaping is a good thing, even though it is scary for many moms and dads to hear. Some know their children to be careful and that vaping is not the only way to get nicotine. Those who vape are generally looking for instant gratification, which they cannot achieve in any other way.

The truth is that talking to your children and giving them the right information will help them be safe and able to avoid any negative consequences. The following tips will help you talk to your children about vaping.

Don’t dismiss the cause of the vape

You may feel that you are being overly protective by telling your children about vaping but be careful not to discount the cause of vaping. If your child is vaping, it is extremely likely that they are trying to help their body to relieve some of the stress they may feel.

Vaping nicotine won’t help them feel any better and it has a serious impact on their health. Even if they aren’t vaping for major levels of nicotine, they are getting a lot of the other nicotine derived products like tinctures, gels, and cordials.

Talk about what you understand about the risks

You may think that your child doesn’t understand about vaping but they have obviously been hearing from their friends and hear all of the health warnings. Your children are not responsible for the growing trend and they do not know about this lifestyle but you can show them all of the facts about vaping and how it can cause health problems.

You can also tell them how much they may be exposed to and what can happen to them if they start using nicotine in that form. Give them some resources that they can use to get more information.

Showing respect to those who are trying to quit smoking

Please be patient with those that are trying to quit smoking. Yes, it is easier to quit now but many teens try vaping because they are seeking instant relief and your child is not the only one who is hooked.

Parents can urge the children to quit smoking and give them information on Quitlines like the one run by the WHO or the American Lung Association. Both offer free nicotine replacement therapy through patch, gum, lozenges, or lozenges. If the smoke is overwhelming, a patch can be taken as a substitute for cigarettes.

This is a lot different than saying you want to die smoking. Talk to your children about the dangers of vaping and being honest when they tell you about their needs. You will earn more respect for talking to them and all of the positive results that you can get when you talk to your children.

Try not to dismiss the cause of the substance

Even if your children are vaping, you don’t have to call them every time a new piece of evidence comes out regarding vaping. However, don’t dismiss the potential cause of vaping. A child may be using a vape but their parents are actually addicted to heroin or cocaine.

Many parents don’t realize the dangers that have come from smoking cigarettes but your children might not be aware of that. Know what your child is doing with vaping and talk to them about it before they go too far. You can never tell if they are vaping for benefit or harm to their health. Many things can be unhealthy in small amounts but there is no good way to know about it until your child tells you.

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