Increase Your Mood and Nighttime Sleepability

Increase Your Mood and Nighttime Sleepability

Increase Your Mood and Nighttime Sleepability

It’s undeniable that life is filled with some dark clouds, and it can sometimes be really challenging when we realize how many ugly underbelly’s and corners there can be in our lives. Sadly, it’s not just our physical surroundings that become complex, and the thick layer of dark clouds grows from us each day. We end up being an open book to thoughts and suspicions when we stay depressed or anxious; many of these individuals become self-critical and self-castrating.

When we’re in fear and loathing mode and have negative thoughts of all sorts of things, it can get really hard to escape from whatever is causing the emotions, and those physical effects can impact our physical energy. Plus, there’s no getting away from feelings of anxiety and stress. While it’s possible to deal with physical stress by getting into an exercise program and eating well, mental stress can have a more drastic affect on our health. Fortunately, there are things you can do to help yourself fall asleep faster and create a mental space in which sleep can occur.

5 Steps To A More Relaxed Space

It’s important that you choose your words carefully when you find yourself having negative thoughts. As soon as you think of anything that is negative, try to repeat back to yourself, “This is not true,” before you start thinking about it. If the thought does not change, then listen to yourself and try to put any negative thoughts into perspective. This is helpful in managing and teaching yourself to manage your emotions and self-judgment.

Another simple but effective way to quiet negative thoughts and feelings is to take a break and try and call out how terrible you feel by saying, “I can’t believe how awful this feels.” Write on a piece of paper what you feel when you think about the thought. Even if it only lasts a few seconds, taking that longer step of getting out of the body and into a space of power will help set you on a better path.

An alternative method to breathing in positive thoughts is to chant affirmations. In the process of chanting, you will literally feel yourself breathing in and out better each time. It’s likely to calm you down and you can repeat this more than one time until it doesn’t seem so scary.

When you want to try a more creative approach to taking your mind off of negative thoughts, try listening to audio recordings of positive people such as the Dalai Lama, Pope Francis, or psychologist Dr. John Gray. If you can work in song lyrics as well, you’ll find that the world around you becomes less threatening, and this will help you feel more at ease. Another bonus is that you’ll be reminded of a time that you were in a less vulnerable position, which helps in creating a new perspective.

Feel confident, comfortable, and serene.

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