Can’t You Just Afford A College Degree?

Can’t You Just Afford A College Degree?

Can’t You Just Afford A College Degree?

About 10 years ago, I was a senior in college. It was at that time that I was still helping around the house while my parents were out at the mall during one of their weekly shopping trips. My mother bought a new TV, laptop, and couch to set up in our bedroom. The kids were pretty grossed out, but I didn’t think much of it. I was simply madly excited to move into the dorms at a university I loved just a week later. Then along came that dreaded phone call.

“There’s been an accident,” I was told. “You’ll probably have to pay for your mom’s hospital bills.” My heart sank. I was in the middle of finals, needing to finish my time with fluency. How was I going to support my family without school money? These types of scenarios are all too common in today’s student loan situations.

College Loan Breakdown

Aboriginal, American Indian, Chinese, Latin American, the Middle Eastern, Kurdish, and Southeast Asian may just sound like random words that cannot be immediately translated to English, but they do share something in common. They are all minority groups that are underrepresented in the US. They are all also student groups that are desperately needed on campus. But unfortunately, they don’t get to just be on campus and study. They also have to pay for classes or buy books.

Are your siblings not quite as smart as you are? That’s fine, they just need to study hard and do good in school and that will earn them money. Couldn’t you use more budgeting skills? Good luck with that, you’ll have to learn how to deal with your family. You’re going to have to learn to meet their needs before you learn to meet yours.

College Loan Backlash

In recent years, student loan repayment has become such a huge concern that many families now have to ask themselves if higher education really is worth it. It was, of course, without reason, because tuition in the US was insanely cheap. But, a higher education in the United States has been a right for the past century, starting at high school. By the time my family needed the help of college loans, it was almost seven years into the liberal arts program and I was almost a decade into my education and still hadn’t finished school.

Now here we are, 18 years after my last class, 17 years after starting school, and it’s become a significant concern for parents. It’s almost just as big of a concern for the families as it is for the students, right?

Families Begin to Question, “What if?”

College loan situations are not only associated with tuition and loans, they’re associated with loans too. And after years of complaints, arguments, and multiple discussions with lenders, many families begin to question whether or not the education their children need in the future is really worth the higher payments.

When someone you love is in debt, you struggle to make ends meet and by default decide you have to tighten your belt even more. If your kids are heading to college, don’t let them consider that the best way to do it is to get loaded. Not to mention, some parents wouldn’t go that far, but this is just me. Maybe I’m a skeptic. But, you should just really think about how schools are going to be so expensive these days.

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