When do we stop letting hatred infiltrate our lives?

When do we stop letting hatred infiltrate our lives?

When do we stop letting hatred infiltrate our lives?

Hate is a big word in the social media age that is filled with so much energy. It’s more than a word or a meme and it affects us all in ways we can’t even fathom. With hate, it always comes back to the question, “What are we going to do about it?” It’s hard to stand up against things like this.

It’s difficult to handle hate online because it’s often anonymous. There isn’t a face to share with someone, a name attached to someone, there’s just a username and an image. Adding more aggravation to the situation is that some people within the scope of hate actually say mean things about the person that they are talking about. Hate, such an emotive word, can actually hurt people in several ways.

It can affect your everyday life, making you feel very upset and not wanting to leave your house. Your car may experience damage, you may drop your phone on the table while sitting in a family gathering, and someone may unknowingly bring hate into your home. It’s also a general annoyance to have on your mind for hours, bringing you arguments to everyday conversations.

It can also take its toll on your loved ones. Though they may not be directly affected by hate, they may suffer from sensitivity and empathy disorders as a result of hate being shouted at them. This includes life, work, and being a parent.

Isolating yourself from hate online can be difficult. You want to show your support to people who are being targeted online, but how can you do that? One mom decided to take it upon herself to do something about hate online for her sons.

Per CNET, one mom decided to teach her sons about how to spot hate on the internet. She posted some tips for them and they are helpful to anyone who might have the ability to spot hate in an online person. “Lots of folks are being victims of some mean stuff on FB, but I’m sick of listening to hateful comments about people and the kids I spend my time with,” she posted to her Facebook page. “I won’t listen to hate anymore, so, I won’t be next.”

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