Providing FREE Reading Program for Second Graders at Trenton Public Schools

Providing FREE Reading Program for Second Graders at Trenton Public Schools

Providing FREE Reading Program for Second Graders at Trenton Public Schools

TRENTON, NJ – As part of National Reading Month, a Read Reading Club Program – given through New Jersey’s Department of Education, is now being offered to second graders at seven Trenton Public Schools. This innovative program uses reading resources created by college students in creating kid-friendly books that kids can start reading while learning vocabulary words – to continue reading well and to develop vocabulary words during that “bridge” into fourth grade. To date, the library has received 18 orders for books in this program from second graders and third graders in the surrounding school districts.

The benefit of this program for parents and caregivers is it can be done on the fly, on the spot, using the children’s own research guidebooks and a personalized learning guidebook on each child’s station on each of the seven reading stations – and at different stations every day – after which time and any distractions are capped. Teachers also have the added benefit of further preparation for the new school year – and the tools they need to stay on top of the curriculum – as they begin to help students with this reading program from the classroom.

“We see this program as a hybrid of playtime with books at the end of the day for kids and parent’s time with a book again while on the bus,” said Stanley Glick, Deputy Superintendent of Schools, Trenton Public Schools. “When the bus leaves the driveway and they head to school, parents can have each child read a different book on their assigned station and parents can work on their own reading together on the bus, getting better acquainted together.”

New Jersey’s Department of Education partnered with the Trenton Public Schools to offer the Read Reading Club to second graders through the libraries in the Trenton Public Schools.

Parents and caregivers interested in participating in this program can find out more by contacting their school principal.

The Read Reading Club program received $5,000 from Just Say No to Drugs/Safe Schools in the first year and $10,000 in the second year. More funding comes from a grant from NJTANS, the New Jersey School Boards Association.

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