Heartbreaking Facts, Nuts & Bolts, and More on Parkinson’s

Heartbreaking Facts, Nuts & Bolts, and More on Parkinson’s

Heartbreaking Facts, Nuts & Bolts, and More on Parkinson’s

by Meg Escue, President of the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research

It’s not too late to hear all about your local and national efforts and strategies to end Parkinson’s today, but first – if you have a Parkinson’s diagnosis — tune in to our podcast and learn more about the latest news.

Some of my favorite episodes of MindShift podcast were the ones featuring amazing conversations with people with Parkinson’s, families, caregivers, and patients on the challenges of living with this disease. I loved sharing their insights, stories, and laughter because they share my passion to end this disease in the shortest time possible. After all, it was 26 years ago this month when Michael J. Fox (the first actor diagnosed with Parkinson’s) started his 10-part television series.

Hope Our “Elephant in the Room” Talking to You Again

Together with our friends at NPR and LA Public Radio, we are bringing our consciousness-raising podcast back for season four! We’re even better-equipped now to address the question “Are you ready to stop your symptoms?” with the latest scientific and health information from researchers, doctors, families, and others who are living with Parkinson’s. Our questions to guests each episode are timely and vital to answer.

The goal of the podcast is to build awareness and generate interest in new strategies and tactics for reducing the negative side effects that come with Parkinson’s. To let everyone know we’re back, we’re going big! We’re speaking to some well-known figures in sport and entertainment about their experiences living with Parkinson’s and their support for treatment, cure, and acceptance. We are featuring important discussions with scientists about how treatment and brain mapping may help them see the disease from a different perspective and create new treatments. We’re also talking to some outstanding writers about what happens when you find out you have Parkinson’s, such as an interview with stage, screen, and song writer Joe DiPietro (The Addams Family, The French Lieutenant’s Woman, Waitress, A New Leaf) and his husband Chip.

Plus, we’re raising money to support great and lifesaving care and research that has been so important to families like his. Last season, we raised over $1 million and are hoping to exceed that in our fourth season. The proceeds go to research grants for clinical trials and support for communities and providers across the country. Find out more about our efforts here: https://www.msft.org/mentoring

You can always pledge to support your local community’s Parkinson’s Association program or speak with a loved one who may be suffering from the disease. We’ve had guests like Wall Street Journal columnist Peter Schiff, who talks about his family’s experience with Parkinson’s; celebrity chef and model Fernanda Bellon; This American Life anchor Ira Glass; author, actress, and activist Angelina Jolie; Congresswoman and current NYC councilperson Yvette Clarke; and writer and filmmaker Naomi Klein.

The season four MindShift podcast will be available for download on iTunes, Stitcher, or iHeartRadio starting on August 14.

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