7 Ways to Overcome All the Homework

7 Ways to Overcome All the Homework

7 Ways to Overcome All the Homework

Sometime in their senior year of high school, students may receive a lot of homework. They may ask for several deadlines, but if they can find ways to add value and enjoy their classroom time, it is a great learning experience for them. What to do with all that homework? MindShift® has seen students ask for additional hours to add to the end of their school year, yet the economy is forcing teachers to cut instructional time.

MindShift® provides an environment where students can focus on one thing, helping to create a learning environment in which students learn because of a solid foundation. It’s like when a student completes a homework assignment and then looks for ways to have fun, rather than just regurgitating what he learned. Here are seven ideas from MindShift® to help keep students engaged and motivated through the years of high school:

Parents can say, “Show me how you are using my tax dollars, then I will adjust my tax deductions or benefits.” Forcing students to be more responsible and motivated through discipline will help in giving students the tools they need to succeed.

It’s important to establish a routine with schoolwork. If students don’t create a routine, there is a chance they will lose motivation and slack off.

Create a mindset of fun with your student. Incorporate activities that bring them enjoyment outside of school as well. For example, at school, make sure they get involved in something they care about while learning. Classes such as science or art or even foreign language need to be fun.

The story behind the picture. Don’t assume that students already know the background or meaning behind the picture or homework. Giving students tools to learn behind the story of the artwork, graphics, etc. will help them become more engaged in their courses and academic endeavors.

Live up to your expectations. Students need to know you hold yourself to high standards and expect them to do the same. This isn’t just about getting everything done, but students need to understand that you will not tolerate poor classwork or homework assignment grades, and if you don’t like the work, don’t let them put it on your desk.

Brainstorm with friends to brainstorm with what to add. Many teachers are removing their blackboards because they no longer are comfortable doing so. This is where parents need to ask their children what they think they should have done or where they could have gone wrong on their homework. Additionally, this practice is a great way to maintain productive and positive schoolwork habits by getting kids involved in brainstorming ideas and helping them improve their efficiency.

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