What’s In A Cry, And Why Does It Matter?

What’s In A Cry, And Why Does It Matter?

What’s In A Cry, And Why Does It Matter?

Newborns crying for as little as 15-minutes at a time can trigger a wide range of reactions. I’ve heard stories of parents choosing to sit their baby down by a crib just to see how they respond, or of mothers sitting in a busy café making little faces as it happens.

So, what exactly does science say about infant crying? As is the case with so many aspects of human existence, it’s a difficult question to answer. All we can know is that cries come from the very deepest fear and tension in the human condition, at any age.

Our very survival depends on it. It’s got to do with our being alive. Babies cry for emotional reasons – and there’s nothing wrong with that! But we know a lot about these crying cries, and they’re not clear.

The Crying Is Anger

As children, we’re the producers of our own scream noises. We’re our own choreographer, yelling through a megaphone, arranging a rattle, or screaming at our parents for not having a good time with the ice cream cones. As adults, that job falls onto the shoulders of frustrated bosses, harried husbands, frustrated parents. We’re the yelling children of adulthood. But, the fact remains, we’re still in need of expression.

And crying for that expression is not abnormal. Quite the opposite! For those who don’t believe me, check out my company’s pet project, the infant infant sleeping/crycams! Let us see your baby cry through the night!

Hear it In The Music

The little dinosaurs of the planet have it backwards! They cry for the sound of the world. This is more or less the theory of classical music itself! And children are unconsciously absorbed by the sound of their parents’ voice.

In my opinion, crying is one of those things that is exactly what we need in adulthood. It gives us a window into what’s going on inside us, a feeling of heightened awareness. But despite its best intentions, screaming at your baby is not healthy! Unless, of course, it’s all in good humor, during which it’s a lot healthier.

Happiness Is an Energy Source

In short, just like you want happiness in your life, you need it in your child’s life. And crying is your child’s means of expressing it. Why? Because it’s their energy source, and they’re using it to express what they’re feeling. You might think crying is unhealthy, but in fact, it’s ideal.

When it comes to raising children, happiness is the most important thing. I believe that if you want a happy child, the best thing you can do is provide them with the greatest source of it you can.

And that’s the energy that they’re out there producing, in their tiny bodies. So cry for it!

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