Popular Podcasts By University of Oregon Students

Popular Podcasts By University of Oregon Students

Popular Podcasts By University of Oregon Students

University of Oregon students shared their everyday thoughts on immigration

As debate intensifies over the immigration policy of the Trump administration, young Americans have found an unexpected source of support.

On colleges across the country, students have created their own immigration podcasts and bibles that provide a voice and a perspective on the topic that is rarely heard in the mainstream.

All week, we’ll be highlighting these school-sanctioned podcasts, which are at the forefront of an important conversation many college campuses are currently having.

About Welcome Podcast

Created by undergraduate-aged biology students at the University of Oregon, Welcome Podcast is a student-led podcast series that covers a wide range of educational topics, but is particularly specialized in bringing thought-provoking topics to life. Their specializations include racism, racism and racism, migration, LGBTQ+ representation in science and the climate, international education, diversity, displacement, counter-racism, and much more.

A clear opportunity to delve deeper into this topic, Welcome Podcast is the perfect way to learn about a topic that is currently being debated, in an open and safe forum. The shows are student-led, so each episode covers a wide range of topics, in case the conversation on one issue doesn’t interest you.

This week’s podcast – “Thinking About Immigration” by DJ Temptil – provides valuable background information on the topic of immigration with a voice you might not expect. The podcast explores the complexities and difficult decisions faced by students around immigration, and the difficulties they face in balancing their desire to remain in the U.S. with the economic and personal sacrifices it can create.

A dependable source of evidence-based research, the immigration podcast is a vital resource in bringing clarity and balance to an otherwise contentious issue.

Courtesy of OurRoots.org

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