Peppa Pig's First Album II

Peppa Pig’s First Album II

Peppa Pig's First Album II


Forty years ago, McDonald’s introduced the little piglet Peppa Pig with hopes that she would appeal to kids at the same age as Ronald McDonald and sell Big Macs. The program, originally called Peppa Pig’s First Album, was released for the 1981 Christmas. A follow-up album appeared a year later. But all of the pig’s adventures didn’t come to an end there. Today we have Peppa Pig’s First Album II, which follows Pippy the Pig and Arthur’s younger siblings George and Poppy.

What Is It?

What’s the best way to name an album? The version of “My First Album II” is a bit of an odd choice, but then again, kids might not know about the original album (hey, Peppa couldn’t foresee the entire pop-culture phenomenon that began with her the first time around) and wouldn’t be expecting an epic reunion anytime soon. The second version has been expanded to feature the new babies George and Poppy along with Peppa’s best friends Nanny Pig and Grandpa Pig.

How To Play It

Kids can play this album at their own pace (and keep their eyes closed so their attention stays focused). Just set it in the middle of the child’s entertainment and let ‘er rip.

Where Can You Get It?

You can purchase Peppa Pig’s First Album II now, or stream it through Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Music and Napster.

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