High Schoolers Keep Their Skills Alive, Earn Money

High Schoolers Keep Their Skills Alive, Earn Money

High Schoolers Keep Their Skills Alive, Earn Money

One can never really appreciate their craft until they actually do it. So when a group of high schoolers realized they could use their storytelling skills to make money and have a field day, they started creating “Student Media Voices.”

These serialised podcast ads took off quickly and are now generating substantial incomes for kids who get paid for their work. You can find the content for free (for now), and listen for a clip here.

The show’s hosts are three students from the Vidocq Institute, an advertising arts program at Bolivar University, and its current topic is holiday shopping.

“We’re talking about Black Friday and Cyber Monday and what to get for gifts. Then when you’re done, you’re just left with time to do Christmas shopping. Or maybe looking at that they can build all the things on Pinterest that are great for making things. Something as simple as make a wooden fire,” lead host Benjamin Elliott says.

For Benjamin and his roommates, this is a hobby turned serious journalist. They’ve transcribed the entire podcast into WordPress for advertising purposes. The school posted this short clip:

While they’re currently only in high school, they seem to have had an incredible early success. Over the course of eight weeks, the podcast reached more than 1,600 listeners, and 400 people now download the episodes weekly.

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