A Unique Solace For Everyone Who’s Left The City

A Unique Solace For Everyone Who’s Left The City

A Unique Solace For Everyone Who’s Left The City

The most difficult aspect of growing up in a small town is the loneliness and isolation it creates. This isolation begins with learning to socialize in a very strange context, and ends with leaving the community you’ve called home for years to seek adventure and future happiness elsewhere.

Add to that the multitude of potential social barriers that every young person faces as they make their way into adulthood, and the dilemma of the young is made even more difficult.

These pressures have an incredible impact on well-being, and result in many of us attempting to escape home to find our way in this incredibly competitive world. Many have found that the huge price of that escape is never returning to rural life again, and that leaves a gaping hole in one’s life that will not easily be filled.

Whether your family has moved to a big city, had to leave to seek work, or were forced to leave, there is one thing that will immediately strike you: The fact that you have joined a community that is, at least in part, never going to be the same to you again. Even when you eventually return, you are born anew into a familiar new context.

According to Dr Mervyn Thedford, Proprietor of Dignity, Rural Life is Not Enough

In addition to the financial and physical difficulties that rural life entails, a big part of why many people leave is the isolation this experience brings. Many people look for refuge from this difference in people, living in small, untamed communities such as tent cities, or even moving into the community where they left, leaving them seeking some way to connect with the people they left behind.

This sense of separateness comes from social isolation of a certain type, but one which is rather unique. While there are plenty of examples of towns that have splintered themselves into a thousand different communities, what these towns have in common is one very important, solitary fact: All of these towns are surrounded by a giant landscape.

This oversized landscape creates an almost limitless range of solutions to the isolation caused by social isolation and its societal consequences. The result is a deep down sense of being connected to a vast community, but one with an immensely deep sense of individual identity.

Religious Communities, College Campuses, And Other What-Likes Can Fill The Void In Your Life

These moments of solace, while extremely useful, are not enough. This is where individualistic faith, non-denominational activities, and community organizations such as hospitals, college campuses, and even parachutes could fill the very specific need that communities of this size lack.

It may seem odd to think that this is a need at all, but the fact that people still need a place to go in the countryside is an indication that even in this modern, urbanized world people still need to connect with others in some fashion.

Even if your family has been forced to leave this community that gave you a childhood filled with the unique group of people and values that made it your family, you can take on responsibility for their legacy, or invite someone of similar nature into your life. A trip away from home or backpacking around Australia could bring your old friends together, creating a new community which might just be perfect for your needs.

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