How to help kids with early puberty

How to help kids with early puberty

How to help kids with early puberty

When a child starts going through the stages of puberty, it can be very stressful for parents to deal with. If your child’s general health seems fine but they are experiencing changes in development, you may have to move quickly to avoid any long-term issues. So, how do you help your kids with this?

Get medical advice

There are a number of factors that can lead a child to be affected with early puberty. Some of the main ones include child obesity, liver disease, and various hormonal variations. It may also affect girls with abnormalities of their ovaries or breasts. If your daughter starts showing early signs of puberty, it may be important to get advice from a doctor. This can help to prevent a situation from turning more serious.

Discipline patience

Although your child is no longer very little and is feeling more confident, they still need to be protected. Talk to them about your perspective and what you think they should learn. Teach them that sometimes there will be negative repercussions from their actions and that this is something to work through together.

Try to ignore them if you see something they’re doing that isn’t appropriate

This may seem hard at first but do it as often as necessary. Early puberty also often requires reassurance that puberty is a normal part of life. Being stubborn or in a rebellious mood will only make it worse. If possible, try to keep up the routines as much as possible. If you have the option, incorporate activities with them and try to keep them active. Try to get a little more sleep each night too.

Be open to change

You have to be prepared for the possibility that they might decide to slow down development. It may seem like they are a bit older and more confident, but they might actually be slower to develop. With more time to think about it, they may want to wait until they are older.

Teach them about period pain

It is very important to accept when they want to have an interesting experience. There are lots of different aspects to pre-menstrual activity, which is why it’s important to explain to them that things can get a bit awkward. If their routine is based on the cramps they feel, they can miss out on lots of other activities. Instead, talk to them about things they can enjoy before that period starts, such as fun books and movies.

Encourage them to express feelings

Help them to express their emotions, including anger and unhappiness. In some cases, it’s even important to listen to what they are saying. It can help to dispel any worries they might have about their appearance and also to help them realise that feelings don’t mean they have to be alone.

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