Flagway Game: Wordplay, Math, Happiness and Emotions

Flagway Game: Wordplay, Math, Happiness and Emotions

Flagway Game: Wordplay, Math, Happiness and Emotions

By Kara Newhouse, Contributing Writer

One of my favorite things to do when I travel is to buy an inspirational book and buy my friend a ticket to visit me. She loves to travel so we are constantly trading books and visiting a new country all the time. She would say that I am a love to learn bookworm, but I don’t think that is true. I don’t love reading books, but there is one that I bought with a vacation purchase that I read every month. The flagway game is what keeps this dream alive.

The flagway game is free for non-tourists. The instructions are clear and concise and the rules are simple. You start by placing a flag on the flagway. Then you pick a color of rope that you believe flies the highest. As you put your nearby flag out of reach, one of you snaps your rope rope to the right for the flag to fly and the second ties it to the flagway to keep it there. When the only rope separating the left flag from the one on the flagway is tied down, you and your friend are done with the game. It takes only a few minutes to play.

One of the interesting things about this game is that every person will have their own interpretation. In my personal opinion, I have a little bit of a rivalry with my friend over the game. We don’t share the same rules and restrictions so it forces us to be more competitive about whether or not we will win. We think about an example of someone else’s perfect game and come up with a point of attack. For example, if one of us takes a point off of the next person we will feel extra jealous and try to take points back.

Another fun thing about this game is that you’ll have a great lesson in math. The game proves that the shapes can be big enough to fly, while the smaller shape isn’t as big. As you jot down the letters of the game, you can see how they fit and why two are less of a tie than two are not.

My friends and I watch every summer as another new country becomes a part of our journey. After each trip we still talk about our favorite game and the interesting people we met in each country. I know that my friends and I will talk about this game forever. I enjoy this game because it brings me more than just a rush of adrenaline while it is playing. The game also shows me that I learned new things and actually learned how to play the game. On my third trip to Ireland, I received two new languages, Irish and Ulster Gaelic. While speaking French and Swedish, I realized that it is very hard to say “much”, but the “much” can be ten times more than the “much” in a small area. I found this game to be very helpful when listening to different languages.

The flagway game is also very rewarding for the creators of the game. Back in the early 80s they were going through a lot of difficulty so they built a game just to earn some income. During the Vietnam War, my grandfather was a self-employed agricultural engineer working in the rice paddies of Vietnam. They had to construct a system that would tie boxes of rice to the piles where the box disappeared into the earth. My grandfather worked in a rice paddies and remembered the excitement he got each time he got something he had not done before. He worked hard to build the game so that other people could do the same thing he did. As he continued to show his nephews the flagway game, they took the idea and made it into a game they could make money off of.

When I travel, it is nice to have a book that reminds me of another part of my life. My favorite books may be poetry or pictures but sometimes I forget my life and what is really important in it. The flagway game reminds me that my life is meaningful, because I learned how to play this game that was created by someone going through difficulty. It teaches me to play with an open mind and to have a good time while I play the game. It is a lesson in life for me and I will never forget it. This game will stay with me forever.

The Flagway Game is available on Amazon.com, the flagwayteam.com and I playingisplaying.com.

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