8 Student-Made Podcasts That Made Us Smile

8 Student-Made Podcasts That Made Us Smile

8 Student-Made Podcasts That Made Us Smile

When student was in a bind, didn’t they know just where to turn for help? Online portals offered an endless source of assistance for many a budding entrepreneur. Then there’s the podcast… the audio recording of podcasts for everyone. But with the popularity of this audio technology, online content creators are finally getting a chance to showcase their own personalities, learn more about what’s in their field, and have fun. Most of the podcasts offer many opportunities for interaction.

Although it might not be something that students are used to, how could you go wrong if you had a turn on the microphone and started transcribing other people’s information? Here are 8 student-made podcasts that made us smile.

8 Student-Made Podcasts That Made Us Smile

1. State of the Union from StudentRadio

This podcast is also a perfect example of how the state of the union can have a powerful impact on everyone. Whether it’s an announcement or an update, the new year is an exciting time for students. And State of the Union keeps them updated with the details. It also offers listeners the chance to have their own say, maybe share their own tips for the coming year.

2. The Student Concierge Podcast

From the students at the College of Charleston, this show is all about the students. The first of its kind, this podcast highlights the different ways students try to make the world around them a better place. It offers students the chance to get engaged in their field and meet new people. And through this experience, they eventually share their insights and ideas with the rest of the world.

3. Built Out of Jazz

Every semester, Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman is in the process of developing his own podcast. At the moment, he’s focusing on the arts and entertainment. As part of his project, Sherman visits a different art studio in his city and gives his suggestions for improvement. He also hosts some of the more interesting episodes for others, to get involved with the same scene.

4. The Amazement Hour

This show attempts to create a better understanding of the differences between the different cultures of the world. It features people from different countries to communicate about the differences that exist in their countries, with and without funny, entertaining ways. Maybe the idea is to improve understanding amongst the students who come from different countries but who are curious about the ones who don’t.

5. The Q Ball

Admit it, you’ve known someone who is a fan of Q Ball. This podcast is the only one on campus where people simply won’t let up once a new episode is uploaded. It was developed by aspiring entrepreneur Ben on the hilltop and is now viewed by people at the University of Utah. The listener is fascinated by Ben’s free-spirited approach to life and his dedication to sharing ideas, no matter how difficult they might be.

6. University of California, Santa Cruz Radio

John Adams talked with the hosts of UCSB Radio on campus, Brian Del Mundo and Ed Del Mundo. From their debut on campus in 1994 to their latest in 2011, this podcast shows John’s commitment to share his thoughts and challenge those around him to come up with their own. Using this podcast, UCSB students learn more about the topic they’re interested in but also the impact that will have on the world.

7. YouTube Kid Reporter

Using clips from video, Instagram videos, and Sky Pics, this trio of youngsters turn their everyday experiences into local reports for YouTube. They host a stream of videos, which are thought provoking and full of humor and knowledge on their local area. You can’t help but smile when they point out the world around them, no matter how mundane and small.

8. Berkley Podcast

These two improv comedians and their podcast provide the perfect example of creating a laughter web of parody from the web. Through the voice of Berkley Heardz, the two write and perform funny articles on a daily basis. They are joined by Hylix Jewell on her “Jealousy Jams” to give students and listeners a run-down of what’s going on in the life of a celebrity.

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