8 Reasons Teens are Afraid to Talk About Periods

8 Reasons Teens are Afraid to Talk About Periods

8 Reasons Teens are Afraid to Talk About Periods

Health experts think there are 8 reasons teens are shying away from periods – but that’s probably false! If you’re still shocked (or guilty) that most people still have a bit of a squeamishness about things you’d be ashamed to reveal to your most intimate of friends, this infographic is bound to change your mind.

This infographic, produced by Greasy Girl Productions, will make sure your kids and grandkids won’t have to figure out the inevitable monthly outflow of blood and stuff from an awkward teenage age. Here’s what seems to be 8 major reasons why they’re not.

1. They’re worried about it ruining their sex life. Maybe this is unfounded but it is almost certainly important to develop your offspring’s reproductive system for years to come. It is a responsibility that will be given to them in adulthood. Periods don’t interrupt that.

2. They think you can’t trust men to stop doing these things. Many men simply just don’t have very reliable periods. The fact that men can get low-tech fertility issues or need to visit the doctor to get regular blood tests doesn’t mean they can’t have regular periods!

3. They’re not quite ready to deal with a tab of tampons yet. This may be a shame in comparison to some of the other reasons mentioned but it does depend on how hormonal you are before menstruation. Certain women need to stop taking pills or rely on patches if they’re on an estrogen-heavy therapy.

4. They’re not much of a goal setter so they don’t want to set themselves straight. Everyone deserves some space from those who claim they “can’t handle periods”. It would be helpful if you could give it to them on paper, too. With a little help from grandma’s diary, perhaps.

5. They’re scared of all the mess involved. Yes, it’s true that you have to make sure you have the right tampons at the right time, but sometimes the mess doesn’t have to be so bad. You could be using cotton balls to coat the edges to stop as much blood coming out when you bleed.

6. They may have to negotiate the situation as a group. Some families enjoy having menstruation conversations with their kids; others choose not to. For some people, menstrual information is worse than sex for them – and that’s probably because so much of it is embarrassing and untrustworthy.

7. They don’t have access to tech and pregnancy tests. The vast majority of people have access to expensive and reliable testing to discover the dangers of their pregnancy. Some don’t, which isn’t a healthy mix for a young person, especially one from a developing world nation.

8. They’re afraid there’s going to be long-term consequences. Oftentimes, your children have friends with whom they associate a regular flow. It’s hard enough as it is to raise kids who’ve grown up in poverty. With all the hormonal stressors, you have to have them go out there and find friends who are just like them – safe, sane, and responsible people, who may help them become content and relieved.

Source: Health Ed: 8 Reasons Teens Are Afraid to Talk About Periods (Hometown) via Greasy Girl Productions

Photo Credits: GHUCKYLAS_ILIEWALLX_LLDPICKER & Facebook; Visual Inquiry

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