The Gift That Never Comes: Mother’s Day Advice

The Gift That Never Comes: Mother’s Day Advice

The Gift That Never Comes: Mother’s Day Advice

Helping is sometimes our biggest hurdle with Mother’s Day around the corner. We never want to disappoint our mum with the generic cutesy card, and last year we brought her a gift of cloth diapers. Since our son was the first born, I expected more.

“Did you really want to bring him that?” she’d ask.

“Well, he really needs his own nest, you know?”

“Oh my God,” she’d grunt.

“Just give him a kiss and have a good day.”

The envelopes in the other hand are either stuffed full of thoughtful suggestions or vague year-long prayers. We all look at our delivery man with the same creepy suspicion at Christmas time, only multiplied exponentially.

We could take some unnecessary wisdom from this quote by Thomas Jefferson:

“Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness does not go to play. If it were to play, it would only play in the streets or the fields of play, and would die by playing or lost in the hidden recesses of our memory.”

Being good parents is meant to be an exploration, not a dutiful channel to white-glove rituals. We are meant to go out into the world with a blank slate and let it play us with all its colorful possibilities. As long as our kids are constantly asking us for hugs and kisses, we’re never truly fulfilling our own child-rearing dreams.

If we want to skip my grown son’s meet-the-parents night and anything in store for him for Mother’s Day this year, I will respect this bit of advice all day:

“Go out and get yourself a bike, some drugs, a cheap car, or just stop doing a thing that nobody needs anymore.”

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