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How to Use Dungeons & Dragons to Create Your Child’s Character

How to Use Dungeons & Dragons to Create Your Child’s Character

ESSEX, Conn., May 13, 2019 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Did you ever wonder about how to develop social-emotional learning skills in your child? Perhaps you were told by your own parent about this skill and even if you were never told about it by your school, maybe you heard that you have to develop your social-emotional skills at school. Maybe you have already purchased D&D or other such games and would love to learn more about the learning process and the skills developed.

Whatever your parent, you, or your school told you about these skills, well, chances are it is true. Social-emotional skills can build trust, learn how to connect with others, and feel safe and secure.

This skill-building process can also include many other skills like how to interact with peers and provide support to other people, the skills of compromise, and even how to make oneself look better.

Yet, there is more to what children need to be prepared for life as a student, as well as a member of the community.

Places like Dungeons & Dragons can help you in ways that will help you prepare for a life that you may not yet know you need. So, let’s take a look at how you can use this popular role-playing game to help your child become the kind of person that you hope and you need.

Skills Required for success in such a world:

1. Use your imagination. Use your creativity.

2. Discover information. See what information is out there. Use your imagination.

3. Be a problem solver. See what problems you might encounter and seek to be a solution to them.

4. Get help. Seek advice from others.

5. Build self-esteem. See what parts of you will shine. Focus on them.

6. Communicate. Know how to communicate with others. Are you able to use logical, supportive, and compelling reasoning?

7. Focus on quality. Needlessly putting your thoughts in a box will prevent you from having a complete, well-thought-out, thought-provoking response.

8. Understand the social-emotional needs of others. Learn how to relate to others. Understand how to keep others from feeling victimized or used.

9. Show remorse when you are wrong. Learn to own your choices and recognize when you have made errors.

10. Be honest. Learn how to be genuine. Take ownership of your actions.

11. Love. Learn how to love.

12. Show humility. Build yourself up from your mistakes. Develop an ability to make yourself aware of your own capabilities and abilities to relate to others.

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