Essential Tips for the Art Class?

Essential Tips for the Art Class?

Essential Tips for the Art Class?

We’ve all seen the movies. Inspiring, heartwarming, powerful tales told with the magic of cinema. But, these movies are just a small slice of what happens in our classrooms. In reality, it’s a whole other world of giving, getting, and actually loving. It might have to do with a “cafeteria lunch circle”, or a different choral or theater club, or sharing snacks and candy with the entire classroom, but it just seems that those are the things you do in a school. But, what if you put something beyond the classroom that might grow even further than other extra classes?

So, let’s take a look at the various ways arts education boosts students’ scores on the SAT and ACT.

Extra Arts Education Raises Above Average

A study done by the University of Texas at Austin and seen on CBS reveals that a student’s community involvement skills increase after attending art or music classes at school. They said that adding the arts on to their existing curriculum improves the students’ scoring on standardized testing.

Apparently, they found that students who are more community oriented do better on standardized testing, and that even additional participation on the GPA and AP Exam is beneficial to their academic and social performance.

You can listen to students come together on these diverse aspects of school life, and learn how they feel about them. Here’s a recap of some of the many examples:

Student cites social influences as a way to get him through writing essays on a college application

Projects “actually turn reality into art”

Advisory teams need diverse experiences to form better decisions

“We find that students with more education are more caring,” the guidance counselor said. “They care more about things that don’t have to do with their academics.”

Great Grades Boost Self-esteem

After looking at all the examples of artistic skills we’ve seen in the classroom, it’s all just a little overwhelming. I got the feeling that there’s a lot going on when someone is opening their hearts and sharing ideas with their fellow students.

And, as we’ve seen, students who are passionate about arts class are more than likely to get a high grade in the class. We’ve also discovered that there is a strong link between having strong self-esteem and passion for the arts. It’s basically saying that simply because you love doing something, you’re more likely to succeed. And, by having that kind of attitude towards schoolwork, you’re much more likely to get good grades, and go to college.

So, naturally, it follows that the extra arts class will make you feel more confident in school. When you have that special feeling about yourself, you’re more likely to make great grades and go on to further education.


There’s no need to feel like a lost cause when you go into a college application. When you know you can work and collaborate with your peers, you may stand out as someone who’s ahead of the times. And, with that knowledge, you’ll be highly motivated in pursuit of your goals.




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