#20 Signs & Symptoms of Depression

#20 Signs & Symptoms of Depression

#20 Signs & Symptoms of Depression

Attitudes and mind states shape physical reactions. In more technical terms, the mind sets the emotional responses to the physical reality. It’s probably going to be well-known by now that certain mental disorders lead to frequent depressive episodes in people. Then there are those that are so associated with mental illness that they can be treated along with it.

Here are some common depression signs and symptoms for people who experience them.

Taking Over Thoughts and Behavior

Have you ever been reading a science fiction novel and suddenly your mind stops because you think about aliens, women in miniskirts, or distant galaxies? It’s not that you suddenly lost interest in the book, just that your mind took over and you couldn’t think about anything else. That happens to a lot of people with depression. This occurs more frequently when you are tired or sad. It occurs less frequently when you are sad because you are probably able to think about something else and concentrate.

Inflammation After a Period of Sadness

Sometimes, it is easier to get you through a feeling of sadness or loss. You might go to bed and wake up feeling slightly better than you did the night before, or go for a walk and be in a good mood by the time you get home. Sometimes, though, those good feelings die down and before you know it, you are back in the low levels of depression that you were in a few days ago.

Long Depression

Sometimes, your depression will be more persistent. A person who has lived with depression for many years might find that they can not get out of it. When I say “live with” it, I mean that they not only have lost sleep and have trouble concentrating, but they may even need to wear their clothes inside out to avoid getting dirt in them when they brush their teeth or bath.

Change of State from Exuberant to Depressed

Sometimes, your mood will change suddenly, and your personality may seem more subdued than usual. Even if you know this change is happening to you, it is hard to tell whether it is just a temporary glitch in your normal self-manifestation or whether it is a result of deep depression.

Do you often have feelings of anger or irritability?

Depression is very difficult to know because it generally manifests itself in different ways. You might get better at something that made you feel angry before and may even feel relatively better. You might feel completely worn out and exhausted but might be able to stop you from going into a panic mode when you feel that way. But, a friend of mine who was always the life of the party may sometimes drift back into depression.

Finally, sometimes you can find that depression is an inevitable part of the cycle of life. It’s not something you can control, though. Depression is like an invisible force pulling at you from all sides and taking over. Sometimes it can be very difficult to be sure whether you’re depressed or experiencing a transient bout of boredom. You just might want to stay away from the pharmacy because you can’t even stop thinking about sugar!

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