Is Anger Hitting You?

Is Anger Hitting You?

Is Anger Hitting You?

Anger has many facets, ranging from anger because you did something wrong, anger in response to something a loved one did, and even anger from emotions or emotions that you’re not recognizing.

But there are only a few ways to properly handle anger. And to better understand what anger is and how to handle it correctly, there are only a few distinctions you should look for. First, treat anger with kindness and courtesy, and lastly, avoid blaming yourself.

Here are the Top 3 ways to know if you are angry.

Anger Type 1: Nailing It

You put your belongings away by the bins with the glass breaks (it’s almost raining!), and your hubby decides he wants to hose down the street in front of his company’s office, which even has commuters complaining. You are, in short, absolutely furious, and not because the street looks like a drainage ditch or that he has a freaking hose. He’s just doing his job, and you should be fine with that.

If you know how angry you feel, you know that you “forgot” to call the family or friends. Well, that’s your business, and you are perfectly justified in being angry.

Anger Type 2: You Just Are

So, you’re about to leave to start a business, and you head over to the aforementioned little dog park. There, just as you settle on the grass, you begin berating your dog’s poor owner, over and over again, over and over.

You may be justified in your anger, but you’re just completely bitter. And that anger doesn’t go away. It is an emotion, but it’s still unreasonable and bigoted. And it’s not productive.

Anger Type 3: You’re Right

Your spouse refuses to give you access to the television and wants you to pick one show that interests you. You are frustrated and have the definitive logic that the show you want is already on TV, and if you look for it, you’ll find it.

Is that your correct way of handling anger? Yes. It is correct. It is legitimate. It is caring, and it is passionate. It is legit, because it is your anger.

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