The Bright Lights Finishing School honors a game-changing San Diego entrepreneur

The Bright Lights Finishing School honors a game-changing San Diego entrepreneur

The Bright Lights Finishing School honors a game-changing San Diego entrepreneur

When Arian lost his career as a NFL linebacker following an injury with the San Francisco 49ers, he held on to his dream of earning a degree in public health. Six years later, he’s now one of the most successful business owners in San Diego.

The Balboa Park-based entrepreneur is also a celebrity speaker, a passionate advocate for anti-bullying education, and a spokesperson for The Alliance for Medical Reform. He is the founder of Arian Athletics, a sports camp for underserved youth, and is working on developing fitness programs for athletes with autism and autism spectrum disorders.

At nearly a dozen companies, Arian has a keen knowledge of the fiscal basics of business operations, including how to cover payrolls, build cash flow, make forecasts, and accurately report sales. “All of these are practical knowledge you’ll need to be successful,” says Arian.

In addition to being president of his own venture, Arian is also on the board of non-profit organizations, is a founder of the Kid President-endorsed web site For Now Here, where he operates a platform for business owners to learn how to effectively start and grow their businesses, and is a speaker at more than 30 conferences. (His connections with Silicon Valley, where Arian maintains his company base, is no secret, either: he’s a guest expert at about two dozen conferences and is an ambassador for the Partnership for a New Generation.)

Arian has never taken a single time off to concentrate on his burgeoning businesses. “I’ve always had a very structured day when I was out there with the team, because it’s still great to have that continuous interaction with the coaching staff.”

He spent a month, the last of his time with the Niners, recuperating from his injury. Upon returning to San Francisco, he was immediately back at work. He says all that time off was probably beneficial to his career, as it gave him a clearer focus, and was also a learning experience. “You don’t want to be that guy that falls off. I definitely know where my strength is and how to take advantage of it,” he explains.

During Arian’s rookie NFL campaign, he decided that his future was with the San Francisco locker room. He played well, despite injuries, but ultimately tore his ACL while playing against the Seattle Seahawks in a playoff game. He returned to the field just six months later and found himself with the 49ers franchise. During his stint with the team, he continued his commitment to the community, raising awareness about bullying issues, and promoting the importance of educational support for underserved youth. He continued to work as a teacher in the city after leaving the 49ers, where he served on the Board of The Peninsula Urban League.

In 2010, Arian founded Arian Athletics, which teaches fitness and education programs to underserved youth, something he still does. Arian says the sport is one that’s accessible to young people around the country, and he believes this has been an inspiration to the youth in San Diego. In particular, he says the need to establish the health and fitness components for students at a young age has helped build a foundation for the future entrepreneur.

“My background was at the highest level of athleticism,” Arian explains. “Alicia Keys does this. Steve Jobs did this. So there are a lot of people that are going through a similar process. It’s part of what I do. It was great to have that outlet while I was at that level and get that validation from how much you did know and the magnitude of being able to do that.”

We’re proud to recognize Arian (and the other 2017 honorees who shared their story) on the most successful in business: Bright Lights Finishing School Black Tie Gala in honor of local entrepreneur Belinda Skinner at the Pearl at the Palms Hotel and Spa on Nov. 19.

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