Doctors: Opt for Light Jogging for Children

Doctors: Opt for Light Jogging for Children

Doctors: Opt for Light Jogging for Children

CHICAGO (Ivanhoe Newswire) – There’s an epidemic of childhood obesity and it’s hard to blame parents or caregivers for saying, “let’s eat!” or just playing with your phone when you should be outside. But just because we spend more time indoors does not mean we should stop exercising. But the American Academy of Pediatrics has some much-needed advice for parents.

Paula Trottier says when it comes to exercise, everyone’s getting their age-appropriate amount.

Trotttier said, “We don’t have to be taking off the shoes and running five miles and do a kickboxing class or something like that, just move in a safe and responsible way.”

Academy members say there are too many unhealthful ways for parents to exercise, like working out at the gym or on the elliptical.

Trotttier said, “I think that’s scary, because I like to do a kickboxing class but on a per person basis, that’s just not very likely to happen.”

So, the doctors are asking parents: “Do you have a regular physical education program at school?”

That and “light skipping” can cut physical activity in half.

Sandra Sutherland, a pediatric physical therapist, said, “A light skipping workout of like ten to 15 minutes a day can really make a difference for those numbers.”

Pediatricians suggest you maintain your level of activity by moving in an active manner at home.

Sutherland said, “Do light hip-hop to your children that will get their heart rate up, so they’re doing it at a sedentary time, and then when they come out, they’re more active.”

Trotttier agreed.

She said, “They’re doing something, they’re very encouraged to do that, and it’s just nice to hear that they’re encouraged and not told how to do it.”

Academy members say less on the equipment and more on the pavement and trails can help get you moving.

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