Your Desired Segment of the Family is Not in You

Your Desired Segment of the Family is Not in You

Your Desired Segment of the Family is Not in You

One reason why many kids have great difficulty communicating their thoughts and feelings is because they are so overwhelmed by their experiences. The most common explanation for this is from the literature regarding dysfunctional relationships. Families don’t share their thoughts and feelings with each other because their own expectations are so painful.

Another major cause of the overwhelming feelings is the lack of community. When I was little, I knew everybody in my school, but these days, kids don’t connect as much as they should. The internet and cell phones have changed our lives dramatically. The paper journals have disappeared, and sometimes, today’s kids do not even read books anymore. If someone likes you enough, it doesn’t make sense to share your thoughts and feelings through the end of the year. That’s what this new generation prefers to do.

When I was little, my parents used to read my books and explain to me the meaning of what they were trying to teach me. My moms read anything I would point to her and sometimes I would point at stuff in their hands or pretend to have a snake in my mouth.

My teachers and siblings knew how I felt, so I could ask questions to them and I would usually be really safe when I did that. Today, I’m 33 years old, and for the first time, I don’t get to read whatever I want. If something scares me, I could never talk about it with my peers since everything has become so much more closed and awkward. This is really sad to me and also to the whole world of youth.

Feeling All Alone

It can be really difficult to live alone, especially for kids with different kinds of feelings. This can lead to insomnia, suicidal thoughts, and in some cases, aggressive behavior. In fact, young people often feel all alone in their own worlds. When there is no healthy environment around them, they won’t understand what’s happening to them. It’s really hard to go to school alone or walk alone and feel safe or be accepted. As a result, we parents try to build a stable environment in our children’s lives. This is a risky business, because with every action, we need to meet some other people’s expectations. So the trick is to create a balanced environment where everybody has their own resources and possibilities.

School, Soccer, Gym, Movies, or Soccer

When I was younger, my parents built a school. On the first day of school, they packed a pile of books and magazines and left them in our room. This help us feel like we were surrounded by adults. When we needed to talk about something really upsetting, we talked to our teachers, the most interesting part of them being that they weren’t usually the hardest people. I don’t know why our teachers thought they could learn as much from us as we could from them. Later, our teachers would come to our house to talk with us, which was really fun and meaningful. Since we had them at home, our parents were able to identify with them and to respect them.

Another thing I always thought was really important to them was being good at sports. I was the goalie in soccer when I was young. I remember the first time my parents gave me a soccer ball and told me to get into practice. As a kid, I wanted to practice the entire time, so I started to do so every night before bed. Sometimes, I would chase my friends into the sports activities to play goalie and kick balls into goal. Of course, it was harder to do this than it is now, but I never gave up because my parents pushed me to strive for excellence. They thought I would achieve so much more and I won many things during my life.

They were also very instrumental in my development by running a clinic and encouraging me whenever I did something foolish. They weren’t afraid to get in trouble with me and of course, didn’t give up on me even after the big mistake they made with me. I always knew that I had good parents, and that gave me the courage to try again the next time. My parents were part of every little mistake I made and everything that came afterward was just an experience in life.


I have to tell you that my parents had a really difficult childhood. Their divorce messed their sense of identity and destroyed their close bonds with each other. They had to do everything with the help of relatives because they didn’t have anything of their own. My mother worked extremely hard because she had to be one of the important people in our lives. That also made me put a lot of effort in school because I knew that it was important to give her a good education.

In parenting, it’s important to find

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