Weed and the Reading Habits of Teens

Weed and the Reading Habits of Teens

Weed and the Reading Habits of Teens

When individuals of any age believe a drug gives them an advantage, they do not want to give it up. That usually happens to teens as well. Psychologists can agree on this. Nevertheless, this happens because the mind and emotions need to become another player on the sport of life.

When marijuana begins to be a part of their lifestyle, it is a natural and good experience, because for adolescents the drug allows them to do different things and be interested. At the end of the day, it can be said that marijuana has become a social food. But that is not all, it causes some cool interactions and being an active participant in the society improves their education.

Students start to be more confident in their lectures and their knowledge becomes stronger. This is why our society says that teenagers think they become smart because of marijuana.

Teenage Years are the Best Years to Use Cannabis

Recently the Netherlands legalised recreational marijuana. Despite this, people still still purchase and smoke the drug in the country, and this proves that cannabis use gives teens a competitive edge over other students. What a helpful tool! And since the research finds that adolescents think that marijuana is an intelligent drug, how does it impact the learning in teenagers? The study uses brain measurements to show that when teens smoke cannabis, the volume of the network in the brain’s surface increases. This connectivity increases in particular areas including the hippocampus, prefrontal cortex, and the cerebellum – these areas that play a prominent role in learning.

How does it impact the learning? It changes the speed at which information can reach the brain. The medium that is used to carry out and display information used by students while they study is changing. This allows them to learn faster. For instance, when the behaviour of people smokers is studied, a significant level of rapid and internal processing can be noted.

How long does it take for brain changes to be reflected in the teenager’s learning? Perhaps more details need to be gathered with this particular question.

The result of the study indicates that not only does cannabis enhance the ability of students to learn, it affects the type of learning and accentuates the strengths of existing intelligence. It is not yet known why this is, but most likely because cannabis enhances the efficiency and temporal declination of learning. We do not know how marijuana interferes with the speed of learning, so this remains a bit of a mystery. The interesting part of the research is that in the Netherlands, it is still possible to buy marijuana for teenagers, and this also increases the risk of this exciting finding.

Unfortunately, if you live in the US, purchasing and smoking marijuana for teenagers is illegal, but the research can give a clear indication as to why this is.

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