Just One Word Explains Legacy Admissions and Why They Matter

Just One Word Explains Legacy Admissions and Why They Matter

Just One Word Explains Legacy Admissions and Why They Matter

How do you keep your college admissions review intact if you move on to the next step of your quest for academic success, and your family has to uproot itself in order to fit in somewhere else? While this is a thorny problem, I’m going to argue that it doesn’t really have to be: legacy admissions are basically going to be where all the action is. I’m not talking about applying to schools with legacy admissions — I’m talking about legacy admissions of all kinds.

What is legacy admissions?

With one or two glaring exceptions, legacy admissions have always seemed a pretty good deal for anyone interested in their family’s school. Sure, you’re essentially paying twice for your admission, but then the economics of the whole thing come to the forefront. It’s just way easier to prove your commitment to your school by spending a fair chunk of your life there than it is to write countless applications.

And as we’ve seen so many times, it pays to have a little bit of financial connection to the school where you’re applying to, right? But nothing with legacy admissions really feels fair — especially when you consider that we still don’t have all the facts around what costs exactly and how much money everyone is paying.

Yeah, your family is going to have to pay, but …

But I know a secret! I know a secret! (At least it feels like a secret.) It turns out that your family can write for the schools where legacy admissions aren’t automatically a requirement. It may seem like a shameless ploy to get on campus, but since you know that pretty much every person you know has or will soon have a connection to a school that automatically requires it, there’s a decent chance that your family will still be getting into these very elite schools.

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So, what if legacy admissions aren’t necessary?

There’s no actual rule that says a legacy admission is a necessity, and even if there is a rule, you can still manipulate it to your advantage. Are you looking for an education? I wouldn’t recommend going to a school where your family pays the full cost unless you can get some kind of scholarship. If you really want to pay, look into what’s needed as far as financial aid goes. There are grants, loans, work study, and scholarships that go toward your college education.

Or are you looking to get into the Ivy League? Yeah, legacy admissions aren’t so easy to get into these schools, but, if you’re smart and game to dig deep in the financial side of things, you can get there. Find out what’s available in your state, and apply for scholarships from colleges and programs across the country. You might even qualify for some financial aid that is beyond what they expect if you’re a white student and they don’t know you’re going to be helping them with their diversity efforts!

Whatever school you decide on, don’t forget about the legacy admissions process, and don’t be tempted to ignore the financial part. Legacy admissions make up a large part of the story at college, and you don’t want to lose out on the experience. Trust me, it’s probably worth it.

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