7 Tips for College Students Seeking Internships

7 Tips for College Students Seeking Internships

7 Tips for College Students Seeking Internships

If your students are looking for internships, they might want to take a closer look at what’s available. College internship programs may become more competitive. Since employers are looking for quality talent, not just students, this gives opportunity seekers like you an edge.

Although it can be tempting to start calling potential employers, you should take a more careful approach. It’s tough enough to land the internship, but it’s even harder if you haven’t already made a good impression.

Remember that an employer is focused on the applicant, not the school, so you must demonstrate that you have the skills and experience to match up with any position. How do you make a good impression? Here are seven tips to get you started.

Show enthusiasm

Get in contact with any of the relevant hiring managers. I’ve also found that communication is very important because your organization needs to be educated on all aspects of what you do.

Practice and practice and practice some more. Always look at your work, but practice what you’re doing in a variety of settings and situations. Practice communicating with different people. Ask for feedback. Send an interesting email that you created from scratch.

Don’t be shy about the job you are seeking. A company might be interested in hiring you if they see that you are passionate about the position. A college president might be interesting because she knows you through alumni associations.

Share what’s going on

What interests you in your degree programs? What do you do at home outside of school? What are the inspirations and is there anything that stands out? Volunteer to do any community work that you are passionate about and hand out materials to various organizations. Explain how you are getting that experience.

For example, you could be a part of a regular volunteer organization but you want to give yourself a sense of completion and accomplishment. Create brand recognition for yourself, your school, or your department.

Be willing to attend informational meetings

Companies will get more serious about recruiting students once they get to know you more. Informal informational meetings are great for networking and making connections. The hiring manager is more likely to hire you if he knows you through other means, so be proactive.

Show that you’re passionate about a job

You can’t tell hiring managers through your work email about your off hours, so a resume and essay are more appropriate. The first sentence should just say, “I am an academic advisor. I would be interested in researching what’s available and how I could contribute to this organization.”

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