5 Simple Ways to Help Your Preschooler Develop Their Minds Through Reading, Vocabulary, and More

5 Simple Ways to Help Your Preschooler Develop Their Minds Through Reading, Vocabulary, and More

5 Simple Ways to Help Your Preschooler Develop Their Minds Through Reading, Vocabulary, and More

Is it too early for your little one to “learn to read” and “to spell?” No, it’s not! Plus, there are plenty of simple ways to help your preschooler develop their brains through reading, vocabulary, and even more.

1. Count to 10 or count to 100

Let your preschooler to learn basic counting, which will foster communication and math skills. Think of this activity as building the trunk of the tree of sound and counting all the branches.

2. Let the child choose the activity

This allows your preschooler to choose what they like to do and try out different things. By letting your child choose things for a change, you’ll reinforce that they are good at certain activities while at the same time encouraging them to try something new.

3. Use words that connect to your child’s interest

Examples of words that your preschooler can easily comprehend are “tree”, “tall”, “little”, and so on.

4. Play games

By playing simple games, you can help your child learn new ways to express themselves, which will in turn strengthen their cognitive development.

Examples of simple games you can play with your child include, “Let’s go to the pool and play water war”, “Let’s build a house out of blocks”, and “Let’s make a little sandbox and play with pretend things in it.”

5. Encourage reading

Play time is great for many reasons, one of which is to help a child learn to read. It’s not just the sounds you read; it’s the words. Children learn more words by reading to and about other children than they do by reading at a young age.

If your child prefers to read, encourage this by reading books aloud to them and using things like rhyming words in conjunction with words they understand.

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