Is Your Child's Teacher a Friend?

Is Your Child’s Teacher a Friend?

Is Your Child's Teacher a Friend?

If you’re like me, chances are you regularly invite teachers to come over for a special visit every once in a while. In fact, I have a list of four teachers that I go to at least once per year, depending on what my children need. I’m not the only parent that has this type of arrangement in place either.

The Benefits of Inviting Teachers

I strongly encourage parents who value the importance of higher learning and the two professions it might come from to work with educators regularly. A common question I’ve received as a mom is, “Does going over to a teacher’s house increase my child’s test scores?”

These days, we’re bombarded with information and warnings in an effort to protect our children from the more tragic side effects of brain damage from testing. Teaching enhances your child’s development and expands their mind. It’s easy to argue that an encounter with a good teacher — like someone who sees them regularly — can increase your child’s learning exponentially.

This means our children are being given access to teachers who are available to them on a regular basis. They know how to reach out to these trusted educators to help their children get the most out of their education. If you’re a teacher whose kids have frequent visitors over, you can start off small by inviting your child’s favorite teacher. You can write the letter and mail it to the visiting educator or simply tell them the details of the visit. For example, the time, the day, the school, and the teachers they’ll visit.

What About the Parents?

If your home is on the top of their list for a visit, you won’t need to make a special effort to ask permission. They’ll show up with little fuss.

Although teachers are businesspeople, they aren’t all like-minded. If they have guests that are too busy to help prep your child, it’s going to leave a bad taste in their mouths. If you’re comfortable with that, this isn’t the best time to invite teachers over. If you invite them to your home, they’re going to be more productive. They’ll have an opportunity to turn in their lesson plans that the kids will leave on their shelf. Kids love to be surprised and they’ll have more time to come up with their own ideas.

There are other benefits too. When the teachers are in the house, they’ll have an opportunity to watch your interactions with your children. If they have a favorite teacher, they may be able to visit with her and see how much she means to the kids. It could lead to another conversation and possibly a promotion. So, not only do you gain a teacher’s professional opinion, you gain a closer relationship.

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