How to Reduce Data Privacy Limits – Data Privacy Games

How to Reduce Data Privacy Limits – Data Privacy Games

How to Reduce Data Privacy Limits – Data Privacy Games

Gaming has the ability to teach children about money, personal finance, the importance of following a budget, and everything in between.

One thing I have found to be helpful in helping kids learn about the importance of budgeting, earning and saving is teaching them about “data privacy.”

When we talk about privacy these days, we’re mostly talking about how companies are mining the personal data of people around the world for profit. And, that’s an extremely frightening thing.

Have you ever looked up your blood type? Your favorite food or just about anything else that could potentially identify you in the real world?

Many of us have.

We let the Internet make the mistake of storing things in our entire lives – like our favorite book, photos, and so on – to sell and/or give back to advertisers and businesses.

Just imagine if this data was being mined to sell ad space to companies.

We’d be living in a very different world if we knew our feelings and emotions as people, and the precise details of where and when we lived. We’d actually be able to learn who we are, and we’d be able to have more in-depth conversations with others.

We’d be able to know our family backgrounds and our religion and our culture, and our likes and dislikes and our current life priorities and our desires.

This data could tell me a lot about you that I’m not even aware of.

We’d also know which companies you have interacted with in the past.

Some of this data could be accessed by criminals. For example, your whereabouts, your history of using certain apps, your favorite movies or TV shows, and your spending habits could all be made available.

Why won’t the government do something about this?

Many people think it’s just “no one is going to do anything about it.” That isn’t the case. You can make a huge difference in this world – and kids can do it too. They just need to make the commitment to understand the issues.

That’s why I decided to help out with a new YouTube show called “How to Reduce Privacy Limits – Data Privacy Games”. This series addresses these issues with two different games.

During the first episode, the participants (who were only kids age 10-12) are paired off. They’re fighting for the good (clearly) of the world. I encourage you to have some fun with this information and add to it when you’re done.

The game teaches about going over your data privacy limits, what limit you’re at and what you’re doing to avoid going over that limit. You have to make choices to not go over your limit, otherwise there is a consequence.

The consequences include losing what you gained from the past year in stats.

While at the start you probably don’t want to lose a better score than your friends, the game teaches you to plan ahead so that you can enjoy your rewards.

Based on the tips provided in the process, you will understand more about the privacy issues and how to avoid them. This game is really a fun and useful tool to help kids learn.

This next video introduces us to the lessons we should apply to real life.

Maybe you don’t need to go through your data and what you’ve said on Instagram or Facebook, but you should know what data is available about you, and that you can stop any research of your data on the internet before it gets to a company.

Some companies have zero standards when it comes to privacy and we need more rules to protect us.

As an added bonus, we also run an “Ask Me Anything” web page, which lets anyone ask us any question they can think of. The premise is that we will answer as many questions as we can.

One of the questions we received was about how the government was protecting our data and whether there were still data privacy limits in the US and other countries. We spoke to the CEO of the largest bank in the world and are investigating.

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