How to Organize your Desk after a Day of Work

How to Organize your Desk after a Day of Work

How to Organize your Desk after a Day of Work

Thanks to the Internet, we can easily do multiple tasks at once. The likelihood is we will check our email during the rest of the day, which means we are chained to a single desk. It’s not uncommon for your kids to come in and ask “can I come and check my WhatsApp?” or “can I check my email?” So, how do you keep your computer, files and gadgets organized with all the demands that come your way throughout the day?

If you are like most people, you will often fumble with your desk while clearing it of items to be moved or the sofa and chair you stashed at home for the week’s holiday to be brought to the work place on a temporary basis.

When you have a desk like this, it becomes a struggle to organize your belongings and learn to keep them together in neat rows. How many time have you overstuffed an empty drawer thinking you have stuffed it full of things to be moved, only to find out after a few hours that it’s not filled at all? It’s natural that when you’re completing so many tasks at once that you simply lose track of what is currently in your living space.

Here are some of the most common mistakes that you can make when setting up your desk, and how to avoid them:

Mismatched items

Mismatched items on the desk often causes chaos and chaos leads to frustration and frustration leads to mistakes. If you take your time picking out items with an abundance of similar elements or mixed ones, you will be forced to move them. I use bins in my home office, which literally allow for us to make a small space big. If you place things together in orderly piles, it forces you to spend a little more time organizing.

Furniture conflicts

Sometimes a good combination of flat-top and slanted counter top will prevent an unused desk from being used for anything but reading, but if you have stubborn hard-wood items it can prevent you from carrying out other kinds of work. However, it is also possible to adjust your kitchen table to work as a separate table or a laptop work space.

I love utilizing furniture with slanted counter tops, but I also have a curved side table I often end up using to put my TV upright for good luck.

Wardrobe syndrome

It’s a good idea to keep things organized if you have packed clothes in your drawer that you plan to hang up again when you are finished. It’s ideal if your desk is within easy reach of your clothing and materials while you work so that you can bring your clothes in and out without much fuss. My office is wide open and has various widths, so I can easily organize clothes by the color scheme that is most appropriate for my office environment.

And sometimes if you are not in the office, you can bring the clothes to a friend’s house and place them all together so you can do your work while you’re on the run.

Packing stuff back in

Nothing is worse than having your desk become a laundry room. These tasks involve bending in the chair or in heavy boxes. The idea is to organize everything at once and not have to wade through piles to know what you have.

I also have several filing cabinets that I buy a few books in all year round and stick them in. Sometimes I don’t use them for one specific item for a long time, but once I finally plan on taking them out and give them away to my friends, I often find I have forgotten to remove anything from the shelves.

Don’t forget to take any pictures of your desk!

This can often be the most embarrassing thing to find when moving your stuff out, so make sure you take shots of what you have taken!

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