How Can Play Be Part of Your Child’s Development?

How Can Play Be Part of Your Child’s Development?

How Can Play Be Part of Your Child’s Development?

Play is an important part of the development process. It helps with learning, reducing stress, and helps children build soft physical skills, like interacting with peers and developing strong mental competencies. Learn about what is a game, and what are some of the benefits of play.

What is a game?

There are different kinds of games; some are designed for use while others are just a diversion. Some are social, others are solitary. Sometimes they are interactive, sometimes passive. You can have hundreds of varieties of games out there right now, and they’re all just as common in many of our cities as they are in, say, China.

Here are some games that play a major role in the development of your child:


Think of board games as construction toys that help your kids learn the fine motor skills associated with building. In construction games, children build things like buildings, trees, and roads from scratch. Construction games encourage collaboration, and are fun for the whole family. While play is obviously important in school as well, it’s just as important for children to have fun building in construction games with their parents.

Nerds & Geekz

Your little ones love to tinker and create stuff. Geekz and nerdy games are great for kids. Have a blast tinkering with Legos, creating giant creations out of construction paper, and others in your games with your kid. Nerds and geek games give your kid the chance to express their creativity with each different game.

High Risk & High Play

Nothing builds a young child’s confidence like making mistakes. High risk games allow your kid to do the same. Sometimes, they fail and need to learn how to handle failure. In high risk games, you and your child are always on the move. It’s good to get out of your comfort zone with your child. Just playing a game together teaches these skills; they learn to make mistakes and be creative, and trust that they will get back up and try again.

Catch-Up Games

Adults learn more about social skills from playing catch than anything else. Play catch with your kid; he’ll learn to build and maintain balance and be ready to take on that challenge.

Other Sports & Activities

The simplest kinds of activities can offer a lot to children. On their own, climbing, jumping, and playing tag is good for children’s physical well-being. There are physical benefits to biking, swimming, or climbing. Play is integral to healthy lives and healthy minds.

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