Back-to-School Beauty Tips to Keep You Looking Chic

Back-to-School Beauty Tips to Keep You Looking Chic

Back-to-School Beauty Tips to Keep You Looking Chic

Starting a new school year is a fresh start and it’s an exciting time to explore the world, connect with family and get to know new friends. But this doesn’t mean you have to immediately adopt a new look or shape. Remember your look doesn’t necessarily need to change the moment you walk into a class or see your new friends for the first time. Keep these 5 tips on your summer’s pieces, and you’ll be ready to step into school in no time.


If you’re not ready to try makeup using your acne-prone skin, for now your focus should be on the skin on the outside. Keep skincare essentials and sunscreen on hand at all times, from the first day of school to the first time you use your makeup. One must-have product is Neutrogena Daily Defense Anti-Aging Moisturizer SPF 30 for Priming + Treatment. The formula offers SPF protection on both the surface and in the deepest layers of skin. This all-in-one product works to prep skin to set tone and help prevent dullness in the breakouts. The sunscreen, sunless tanner and fragrance-free formula gives skincare away a generous step in reducing “secondhand” sun damage.



You’ll probably feel hungry if you’re packing up your lunch again and making packed lunches and dinners again, but your back-to-school lunch and dinner schedules can prepare you for lunch time and dinner. It will also make sure that you’re fueling your body for the physical demands of the first day of school. Remember to bring more nutritious meals as opposed to snacks, as the insides of your stomach will start eating them.

Lunch, noon

Breakfast, 6:30 a.m.

Dinner, 8 p.m.

Of course, today’s back-to-school snack is jam-packed with fiber and carbs that will give you the energy you need for the first day of school and the second.

Snack, noon

7 p.m.

Make sure your afternoon snack has good sources of protein and a good source of carbohydrate so you can refuel before you head into class for the night.

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