Understanding School Culture

Understanding School Culture

Understanding School Culture

When it comes to schools, whether they be public or private, how students conduct themselves can often give us a glimpse into how well they are being disciplined. Many parents will agree that strict behaviour in schools is important. However, what factors of a school culture help to create discipline among students?

What Is Different Between Private and Public Schools?

It has been suggested that a more relaxed school culture helps student behavior. However, it also differs depending on how it is managed. It is important to understand how students at one school behaved in a way that mirrored or differs to that of the students at another school. Often this is due to differences between the students at two schools, such as age and level of education, or being in different sections of the school. While this may not come as a surprise for many, one of the best ways to better understand your school’s culture would be to conduct a study of the other school. This will help the student learn how to behave more positively.

Why School Culture Matters

It has been suggested that a school culture does more than punish bad behavior, it also helps a school to be successful. This is because they are offering the students a platform to excel and learn to balance their life after school and has a positive effect on the school. How it will be run can tell you a lot.

Other school cultures

We have seen other schools’ examples of student behaviour and behavior in schools. Other examples of bad behavior include smoking, swearing and littering. Some bad behavior comes from a lack of understanding of personal boundaries and behavioural boundaries. However, for those who do display a bad attitude it is more likely that they are untrained as well. Overall, a big part of a school’s culture comes from the structure and relationships it has within it.

What Types of Relationships Do a School Have?

Your local school has a range of relationships, some of these relationships are as simple as within the class. The school may have many students who come from very different backgrounds and there are perhaps some that have problems. These are some of the first relationships that a new student will experience in their first school and they will often provide support. It is also important to recognize whether your school has a peer mentoring system. This is in place for many reasons. It is ideal for learning to work well with others and it also helps to secure support when needed. Sometimes students may not be able to deal with their issues but they do so when helping others. It is important to understand the nature of the relationships they have.

How is Your School Funded?

Funding is one of the most fundamental ways of a school’s survival. This means that one of the biggest things that can give students the confidence to learn is if they feel supported and cared for. Laid-back rules and restrictions can be great but they will not work if they do not come from a strong point. Here it is always good to have rules in place that are understood and enforced. The new student will want to know how to behave in the way he/she is expected. Without properly implementing rules then students may not fully understand what they are doing wrong.

If your local school does not have a great relationship with you, visit them once a year to see what is happening there. Sometimes only a brief appearance at a meeting or a presentation may not be enough to demonstrate that they want to listen to you. If they are busy with other topics they may not understand you and what you want from them. Instead speak up to find out why, where there seems to be a disconnect and what can be done to make this change. A word of warning before you go to the school though, make sure you have time to get information and time to consider what the findings are before you visit.

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