This easy way to jumpstart your life

This easy way to jumpstart your life

This easy way to jumpstart your life

Life coaching coach, MindShift, is sharing an easy way to help you jumpstart your life (whether it’s your finances, fitness, or other areas of your life) with the simple power of a smart fridge-mounted tomato timer.

Whether you’re in your early twenties, middle age, or just plain overwhelmed with life, you know in your gut that it’s time to start setting big goals, to remember to set your financial goals on a bi-weekly or monthly basis, to set all those other goals with the same urgency and diligence. You know it, and you also know you should do it.

What’s the problem?

This past weekend, for instance, I blew it again, forgetting to clean my car’s windshield for the fourth time this summer. Seriously, I was grinding teeth. All I could do was drop an eye-popping amount of change in the car’s front yard to help get this absolutely grotesque mess cleaned up (h/t @EvonarySierra, @IngridBlaser, and @LoveWendy), and I realized that that tomato timer I bought last year and used to make my car clean pretty much every day made me stronger, more driven, more consistent, and my car cleaned up every single day.

Since it’s so easy to make sure our lives are clean, healthy, and productive (and since I believe in trying harder), why shouldn’t we make sure our money, our clothes, our cars, and our jobs are in good order, too?

That’s the power of the tomato timer!

Life is too short to procrastinate or to let the many tasks that we have to get done get pushed to the back of our minds. Many people “can’t do” certain things because of their hesitancy or exhaustion, and that’s fine. But by adding in a no-fail, no-effort way to get things done, we’re actually improving our lives.

Read on to see how MindShift founder, Erin O. Brown, created a simple yet powerful way to make your days more productive and productive time.

Let’s say you had the TINY(tm) Ben Franklin medal for finding a solution or new way to do something (first prize: a million dollars) and your job is success, productivity, and getting stuff done. If you used a tomato timer to remind you to turn your washing machine on every morning (actually, it’s kind of a crazy way of doing this to start with, I know), you’d become fully 100% productive and 100% efficient.


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