MindShift Season 3 On Netflix’?

MindShift Season 3 On Netflix’?

MindShift Season 3 On Netflix’?

MindShift Podcast Season 3 is coming soon!


August 15, 2018

MindShift Podcast Season 3 is Coming Soon!

Hi fans! Our season 3 of MindShift will be premiering soon! The first show of the new season will discuss the Itunes store page being made aware of “All five of Mention’s tracks are receiving ban,” We’re just going to turn it over to the audience for now – we’ll answer your questions from there.

News Info

Without any further ado, the first MindShift Podcast episode of season 3 will be titled “On Future of Streaming Services.” Our creator, Jenny T, is going to do a full debunking of the major companies that seem to still be in a non-mention mode. Jenny will go through a history of “Netflix”, so we’ll try to avoid spoilers for now. After her expert analysis of the companies that are teasing their customers, she will put them to the test and give her prediction for how they will make decisions in the future. We will give you the golden ticket, since they will never disclose the information!

Breaking news

Our team member, Glen White will talk about “Spotify” – what exactly is the problem with them and how they can bring about major changes in streaming. It will give our listeners a great opportunity to play a peek into the industry’s future and hopefully bring us some good ideas. Glen is a clear thinker and has a lot of people interested to hear what he has to say!

On the way

We will end the show with a few closing words from our founder and series host, Jenny T. Just as our first season ended, we will announce what we are working on for season 3 – but remember, that will come out in our next episode. Catch us on your podcast player, iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, and TuneIn – on every site that you have! We have already done shows in Poland, the UK, and the United States!

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