Should We Be Concerned About Student Learning?

Should We Be Concerned About Student Learning?

Should We Be Concerned About Student Learning?

Many people would rather the previous generation get ahead than the future generation. When it comes to reading, we can easily see that the younger generation does not read as much as they once did. If this is not resolved, tomorrow may look like an extremely difficult time.

With the upcoming school years looming, there is plenty of work to be done. It is therefore important that the parents and teachers make every effort possible to ensure that students get the right amount of reading practice.

Since the younger generations are reading less, we have questions about what kind of reading they are doing so that they can catch up in the upcoming school years. We are looking at the goal of reading at grade level.

Are Children Consuming Content that is Too Distracting?

Some parents and teachers may be concerned about children consuming content that is too distracting. This may be because of the excessive use of electronic gadgets. Young people can be better observed by parents and teachers using good-quality books. Students will definitely excel in reading if they are using reading material that helps them pay attention to the topic and is not overly stimulating.

Should We be Concerned About Student Learning?

We should not be afraid of students getting a solid education if they are not spending too much time on videos and other distractions. The positive side of using electronic gadgets in and of itself is the convenience and convenience of class time. The problem is when students are distracted by the constant use of gadgets and lose focus. It is possible that student performance will drop in the upcoming school years and beyond.

If a child is constantly distracted while in school, it is very likely that he or she will not pay attention to the material or the teacher. When they are unable to focus on the lesson, the person will definitely drop their performance. This means that in terms of their overall knowledge of the subject matter, they may not be able to compete with their peers. If this happens, then the result will not be the same as what they had expected and intended to achieve. This makes it so that in other areas of their studies, such as writing, mathematics, and reading comprehension, they will also not reach their full potential.

Do the Rise of Text Messaging Hurt Student Learning?

Should we be concerned about the rise of texting on mobile devices? It is a good question. What effect do these texts have on students’ comprehension? There is no doubt that some parts of the texts are very distracting. In fact, it may be a complete waste of time.

If the texts are too extensive, it will block and shorten the learning process for students. According to the Center for Disease Control, more than a quarter of the teens have gotten in fights because of the emojis that are on the messages. In fact, the young people cannot concentrate on their academic and learning achievement if they cannot control their emotions with writing statements. If texting is the main focus of students, then that may be too distracting for them.

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