Controlling the Summer Reading Habits of Your Kids

Controlling the Summer Reading Habits of Your Kids

Controlling the Summer Reading Habits of Your Kids

(Ki Sung-yeul) — Increasingly, the summer months are their busiest of the year for Korean elementary schools, with students eager to have more outdoor time. This being the case, there is an added emphasis on recreational reading in July and August.

What to Do This Summer

This brings up the question of what happens to literature and reading outside of school between the months of April and May and June and July. Many schools start the day with the usual recess which focuses on sports, crafts, and socialising. In summer months, this still takes place, but there is a certain pressure to involve the kids in writing, reading, and working towards all of the classes for the following year. Fortunately, there are methods of overcoming this that can still allow them to enjoy reading during their down time, while still progressing towards their classes.

School Week: Preserve Your Time

The first two weeks of the school year are not as good as the first few weeks of summer. This is because school day days are scheduled within days, meaning that any cool weather activities or opportunities to read at leisure have to be scheduled for the evenings, after school, or on Sundays. This can take a significant toll on the younger students, who cannot get outside if they have just come back from school. Therefore, they need to be fully rested up, especially after the warm first two weeks.

It is therefore imperative to arrange for reading not only on school holidays, but throughout the year. Making these plans beforehand is imperative to ensuring that the children have their favorite form of entertainment throughout the summer. This requires focus on a specific medium, such as educational reading, fun, well-written books, or both.

Keep Measured Readings Up

Another interesting observation that can be made is that it is easier to get the most out of reading at a steady pace. This is especially true when it comes to simple stories that are geared to different age groups, but it can also be done with more complex text and more challenging subjects. It is possible to get the most out of reading with each book that you read, which is why it is important to pace yourself carefully.

Read Throughout the Summer and in School Year

Even if you have read something during the school year, it is very important to pick up something new every few months. The classes in a child’s life are constantly changing and many changes take place every day, as pupils have different friends, different teachers, and different sports and after-school activities. Therefore, it is always good to have new things in your collection. Even if you haven’t read a book since the last school term, you can get to know a new book by its author or by reviewing an eBook about its subject, followed by a trip to the bookstore to purchase it.

Meanwhile, school years are traditionally filled with fierce competition, which can contribute to young students losing their interest in reading. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that the children are always kept stimulated, and that their reading can be continued into the next year and beyond.

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