Household Businesses Today vs. Home Economics 30 Years Ago

Household Businesses Today vs. Home Economics 30 Years Ago

Household Businesses Today vs. Home Economics 30 Years Ago

In the ‘80s and ‘90s, home and family education was far more popular than it is today. The scene is different today and while the education system is no longer driven by departments. Today, we have both pedagogical and technological sources that can provide true opportunities to evolve and remain rooted in the real world.

The role of home ec

The role of home ec was always similar. If you asked why home ec did not exist, it could be because homeschooling was more prevalent at the time. Today, most schools teach at least a small portion of the home and family curriculum. It may be hands-on or in a classroom, depending on the individual.

Home economics, however, was always about the real world. It was about what would happen if we actually applied some of what we learned in a laboratory setting. What if we needed to feed animals, grow crops, or keep garden supplies up and running?

Although home economics did not exist in a molecular or physical sense, it was important because of the ability to apply what was learned in a practical way. In real life, if you learned about things, you were left with the challenge of incorporating them into the daily lives of your household.

Today, home education is far less relevant in our culture.

Computer skills loom large

Although many families love to keep in touch and stay connected, today’s school environment is not the most convenient environment. From texts to emails, there is constant interference in the small social life of many families. This is why parents are forced to go back to the computer in order to allow children to exercise some of their real-world skills.

With this, we see how the role of home economics has changed over the years.

Computer skills overcome home economics

As we all know, computers are the de facto method of communication in our digital age. As a result, we cannot separate computer skills from the education that we received in the classroom. As a result, we are left with a situation where computer skills are more relevant in school than even home economics.

Computer skills are utilized in home economics, however, it is more of a task oriented, laboratory-based learning environment. In other words, it is more of a group situation.

It is essentially a very open environment and is geared towards groups of any size. There are no specific teaching tasks for everyone to accomplish. In the case of a home environment, all individuals are allowed to be involved in everything that is happening.

Although computer skills could be applied in home economics, computer skills became more important to modern education because of the main source of modern communication – the computer.

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