Get Into The Character of Yourself For 2 Minutes

Get Into The Character of Yourself For 2 Minutes

Get Into The Character of Yourself For 2 Minutes

Mindfulness is having a big wave, and with it a new age of conversation around the concept of self-compassion and inner peace. The concept of mindfulness is the ability to maintain a centered sense of detachment and awareness, believing and trusting that the experience (such as your mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual state) is reliable even when they change. That you can objectively observe, in order to interpret, experience and make your way forward. In other words, life is an ever-evolving event, a continuum from a smooth and uneventful conception to a day full of chaos, but at any time one can hope to find or retrieve calm, peace, healing and health.

In order to maintain that sense of inner peace and flexibility, mindfulness is the idea of cultivating a be quiet for a bit of time. An hour a day, maybe, or two if you feel that you need the extra, said Barbara Blaine in her book Mindfulness by Attitude: The Road to Happiness. So, about two minutes goes into a focus on oneself, and two minutes of attention go towards observing the world around you. This is followed by a break. A brief meditation or gratitude, ideally.

Through this process, one begins to change patterns and habits, and discover a greater level of mindfulness. One then begins to notice how these changes impact the way they interact with others, and use those interests, talents and abilities as an appropriate place to create joy for others. It seems like the non-judgmental mind that breathes gently and calmly for two minutes has arrived.

This is also the thought that comes to mind when many worry about their teacher or assistant leaving and coaching.

Whatever happened to the object of their esteem?

Leaders or teachers might look at the difference one can make by stepping out of the proverbial classroom and into the arts.

Attending workshops and classes at art centres, learning how to paint, sculpt, and poetry and music. It is simply finding a learning space where one can relax and learn in a learning environment. Getting out of their environment of being an adult, and bringing a beginner’s mindset.

It’s a new place to be, somewhere that supports one’s self-discovery. An easy and joyful place to relax, reflect, and find joy.

“Love your teacher, because a teacher will love you.” ~Bengalaby

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