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Tips For Parents Who Suspect Their Child May Be Suicidal

Tips For Parents Who Suspect Their Child May Be Suicidal

As a young person, you’re always growing up. You move from room to room and change schools all in a pursuit of moving up and being accepted by others. However, you also get to experience all the feelings that come with being a young person. You’re excited to be a part of a new experience, but you also fear losing yourself as you find your identity is continually changing. This is what has made hospitals so vital, as it’s a safe space where you can go if you ever feel unhappy or just have a negative reaction to a situation. In fact, for many patients, life-threatening situations are known to transform in a moment as they can all of a sudden lose control of their nerves.

There has been an increase in hospital visits due to a potential suicide situation, with one hospital alone seeing a 21% rise in the number of patients visiting as a result of potential suicidal thoughts. So what do parents need to know if they suspect that their child is struggling with suicidal thoughts?

Why it’s So Important To Talk To Your Child About Suicide

As you’re so familiar with your child and they have a deep understanding of you as well, you usually know instinctively when your child is suffering. This is why it’s so important to be open and honest with them and discuss any problems that they might be having. Many adults and children can sense that you don’t approve of your child. This often creates a tense situation. Even though you may want to protect them, you need to know when to trust them and let them know that they can confide in you. Many people can’t bring themselves to speak to their parents about a problem that they’re having. This can result in them feeling detached from the world. Of course, you don’t want to be there to reinforce the suicide thinking in your child, so it’s best to be firm and direct about what to expect from them. You need to be confident enough to walk away. This will allow you to feel more protected. Remember, no one has a right to be miserable.

What To Do If You See Your Child Getting Distracted Inappropriately

We all make careless mistakes, and this is especially true when we’re young and caught up in our own world. If you notice that your child is getting distracted or anything else that doesn’t seem normal about them, this could mean they could be experiencing suicidal thoughts. While it’s often stressful and confusing, tell them that you’ll talk to them about what’s going on and help them find a way through. However, if they’re displaying aggressive behavior, try not to panic, but rather calm them down and get them away from their phone.

Protect Your Child From Suicidal Thoughts

As mentioned earlier, you don’t want to encourage someone to do something that could endanger their life. That means that you should be on the lookout for your child talking about suicide or sounding like they’re in danger of killing themselves. Speak to your child and try to understand what they’re experiencing. It’s important that you get clear and concise information in a patient’s voice that your child understands. They may not always be able to tell you what they’re feeling, but it’s important that you’re able to know what they’re thinking about in their mind.

Suicide Is Always A Concern

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