High School, College, or Jobs?! The Basic First Step to Success.

High School, College, or Jobs?! The Basic First Step to Success.

High School, College, or Jobs?! The Basic First Step to Success.

WESTMINSTER, Colo., May 15, 2018 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — MindShift, a provider of tutoring solutions, conducted a study that found that the more content area courses are incorporated within an entire high school, the higher the chances of graduating.

The study was based on data from 238 participating, complete high schools, asking students what their experiences were in high school, how much they enjoyed their education, and what encouraged them to stay in school. The data also included student achievement metrics (to be published in an upcoming study).

Almost one-third of participating students (31 percent) said that their school promoted multi-curricular activities throughout the school year. The majority (86 percent) of those students believed that they were much more likely to graduate from their high school if they participated in a high school, multi-curricular activity. The majority of students also said that the more activities they participated in during their high school years the greater their chances of graduating.

The study found that those students who participated in 16-18 school or extracurricular activities were more likely to graduate than students who participated in 2-6 activities.

“Teachers and school leaders are looking for innovative solutions to give students in underserved communities an opportunity to reach their full potential,” said Bud Lubina, CEO of MindShift Learning. “By integrating high school and college options within one environment, they can take advantage of the skills, knowledge, and tools learned while studying during their free time, for both the purposes of classroom instruction and before and after school support.”

Part of the understanding behind MindShift’s Model School is the belief that students are taught and supported in an environment free from interference with what may take place at home. This free element allows students to focus entirely on their education and the opportunity to be college bound. The school allows students to study at their own pace and allows them to meet students of all academic levels and interests, allowing them to improve their high school-related skills. In a school setting, it’s only necessary for students to attend a maximum of eight courses per semester.

The school also allows students to advance coursework as they please, without the fear of being red-flagged for insufficient or too much advanced work. When students move from one course to another, they are rewarded for being at their best.

“The majority of our students were on a path to success prior to participating in a Model School, but participating in the school opened up a whole new world of possibilities for them,” said Dan Prochaska, chief operating officer of MindShift Learning. “As a result, they become more confident in their ability to achieve their goals and are able to grow academically in a non-encouraging environment. The simple fact that you can learn whatever you want when you want, where you want and with friends is a powerful motivator that can be the difference between many success stories.”

The model also breaks down the student from a whole, into different levels. After each curriculum level, students in the first 2-4 subjects are given a year to finish classes, while the remaining middle-grades students are given two years. Those who succeed in the first two years continue into the following two years. After that, they are reviewed and evaluated to determine their next step. The highest level of achievement is found in the 5th and 6th grade classes; then middle school classes move into the 8th grade grades; and then the 10th grade classes begin.

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