Shrinking Using SAT and ACT Scores to Select Students

Shrinking Using SAT and ACT Scores to Select Students

Shrinking Using SAT and ACT Scores to Select Students

While the SAT and ACT can give college admissions officers a good look at a student’s academic prowess, many colleges would prefer to overlook the test and consider the grades and test scores that a student has received.

Case in point: This past year, over 600 U.S. colleges shut down the admission of over 11,000 students because they were rejected on the basis of ACT scores. (The percentage dropped to 836 in 2016.)

On average, colleges reject students with lower SAT scores than those with higher scores.

For the U.S. News and World Report’s rankings, the test scores actually don’t make a significant difference in the degree to which the colleges rank their students, at least for the top 200 schools across the country.

However, it is interesting to note that colleges that don’t use SAT and ACT scores to measure a student’s desirability to the colleges send students to their schools. This shows that the test scores aren’t the end of the rainbow for colleges looking for more diversity.

SAT and ACT Scores Are Being Dumped At More And More Colleges

With colleges opting to reject test scores and taking into account school grades and test scores from high school, it’s really not that surprising that SAT and ACT scores are declining year after year at colleges.

Most undergraduates who want to be admitted to prestigious universities fail to impress. College applications are filled with so many essays and applications that it’s often more important to take a more holistic approach when an applicant is being evaluated by both high school and college.

What Many Colleges Are Doing Instead Of The SAT

It is also interesting to note that despite recent college acceptance rate figures dropping, there is still tremendous interest in students being admitted to top universities.

So, colleges are taking a page out of schools that admit lower test scores to get more diverse classes. Some colleges use the International Baccalaureate or AP tests as a gauge.

But, for some colleges, playing the diversity game really counts. As Scott Corbin, director of admissions at The Vanguard University, said to CNN Money:

“Diversity in admissions is more than just the number of students. We also look at their racial and ethnic background, and at how those students’ perspectives will add value and depth to our community.”

Completing The Class Of 2022 By Allowing Student Diversity

The trend of over 600 colleges or universities this year denying acceptance to some students does not seem to be abating.

Of course, not every college that denies acceptance to a student due to ACT scores or SAT scores is admitting applicants with the same scores as their top applicants. Colleges have always been accepting lower test scores as long as it is student body diversity and not one specific tests.

But, as a side note: the same colleges that prohibit colleges from using test scores will still accept standardized test scores from high school students who aren’t admitted for the same reasons.

There is no particular system. More important is that students should obtain multiple test results – from all the test places – before submitting their application.

The College Factual report about colleges that accept low test scores was released on April 25, 2018, and was based on the National Center for Education Statistics report, Quest and Test Prep Score Tracking of Test-Takers and Students.

That report shows that the test scores of 17,426 college students were used for evaluation.

Have you ever applied to a school before getting test scores?

Was it because they knew you had a pretty good chance of getting in or did they base their admissions on GPA and/or standardized test scores?

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