How To Produce Viral Video Of Your Old Man

How To Produce Viral Video Of Your Old Man

How To Produce Viral Video Of Your Old Man

Fake news is something that is already becoming more prevalent in our society. With the role of Facebook, and social media in general, there’s been quite a bit of speculation on what exactly is happening with the spread of fake news. A video that recently surfaced on YouTube demonstrates how some rather odd and absurd things can appear when a fake news story is shared online.

The Conspiracy Video

A video titled “How to produce viral video of your old man performing a magic trick without getting arrested” has recently become one of the most shared videos on YouTube, having been viewed over 2.5 million times since it was posted on April 30. According to the video’s description, the effect is achieved by utilizing some creepy “soundholes” that are also known as “sound hacking”. In this instance, the soundholes trap the sound from a range of different frequencies, and turn that into a simulated “prayer”.

This technique has been used for over a century, and the concept of sound hacking is used all the time in places that involve performance art or satire. The reasons for using this kind of technology is straightforward. Firstly, it works as a sleight of hand trick, and is perfect for deceiving people on a prank phone call. Secondly, it also creates a gap in the sound, which we humans are hard-wired to use as a main communications medium.

Learning About Hoaxes

If you’re familiar with some of the more popular hoaxes, you’ll probably start feeling like you’ve seen it all. However, in the age of social media, where you can see, hear, and share video content with anything up to 100 million views, this kind of content isn’t going away any time soon. With that in mind, it’s important to have an understanding of how to spot an authentic video as opposed to a fake one. In this case, the video demonstrates that trickery doesn’t come naturally to most people – there’s an art to pretending to be different, and the average person will be very easy to fool into thinking that they’re actually experiencing a genuine moment of spiritual enlightenment.

Still Can’t See Why The Switch Couldn’t Be Turned Off

Another minor part of the video, which serves to emphasise the video’s artificiality, concerns the actual switch that was being required. Normally, one of the things that can go wrong when trying to fake a genuine moment of enlightenment is getting the placement of the switch wrong. This wouldn’t matter so much if the switch were simple to manipulate. In fact, when making hoaxes or prank calls, one of the dangers is that the sender of the call is convinced that they have convinced themselves of a genuine moment, or success. In this case, though, there is no such thing as a genuine moment of enlightenment.

Even so, with all this being said, using soundholes isn’t the most foolproof method for making a viral video. The key to effective hoaxes, for obvious reasons, is really the content of the hoax itself. The fewer things that can actually go wrong, the more effective the video will be. In this case, fake news does come from somewhere. In the end, it’s about that content, which is what you’ll be seeing an abundance of on YouTube in the weeks to come.

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