The Things You Can Do to Help Your Child Go Beyond High School

The Things You Can Do to Help Your Child Go Beyond High School

The Things You Can Do to Help Your Child Go Beyond High School

As an education expert and professor, whether it’s reading comprehension or mathematics, I receive a large number of questions about how to improve how we learn. I can typically come up with the correct answers, but they require work and perseverance to apply.

Lately, I’ve gotten a lot of inquiries about how one can help their child go beyond high school. What can you do? How do you do it?

Here are some of the questions I receive most often:

“I want my children to go beyond high school, but the tuition is too high. What can I do?”

“I know one day my son will achieve college degrees, but he needs to leave high school now. What can I do?”

“I know my child needs to get grades that are higher, but all the money goes to the tuition. What can I do?”

“My child just got free public school, but they’re about to raise the tuition again. What can I do?”

No matter the age or grade level, we sometimes overlook some very positive ways to help kids go beyond high school and into college. The most common way is to do things that improve the retention and achievement of students in the high school years.

Setting an Example

It may seem that parents are in the same boat as everyone else, but they can actually set an example to encourage their children to do better.

Set the example for your children by consistently staying academically engaged with the latest class material. Modeling how to study, ask questions and focus on the tasks at hand can help reinforce the goals of your educational system. By helping with homework assignments, you are investing in them in a way that may not always be quantifiable.

Remain Interested in Your Child’s Learning

Sometimes, it’s easy to lose interest in a subject once it’s out of the classroom, but even if it’s been a few months or even a year, keep some enthusiasm for your child’s learning. Most children need to know that you are interested in their learning goals, because if you don’t, you are not helping them move past them.

Other times, it’s hard to remember how to listen to your child or to stay engaged because they have been working on a school assignment or don’t understand the answers, but sometimes it’s not necessarily up to you to help. So, sometimes it is up to your child to be the best learner in the room.

Focus on Their Improvement

There are times when a child may need additional practice in a subject that has been emphasized previously, and that’s what does wonders for their performance. Stay tuned to your child’s progress and keep working on areas where you don’t think they have made huge strides.

How can you help?

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